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Episode 415th April 2021 • The Score • Minnesota Opera
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What's up, Scorekeepers! It's week 4 of The Score! It's been another depressing and infuriating week here in Minneapolis and on this week's ep, Lee, Paige and Rocky do their best to absorb the shock of seeing another young Black man's life taken by police officers in their community. Rest in Power, Daunte Wright, Sr. (Please scroll down in the show notes to see ways you can help Daunte's family and the Brooklyn Center community.) Next, they tackle Amazon Prime's ultraviolent, new horror show Them, a series which begs the question who exactly is the violent degradation of Black bodies in art for? And finally, after a hard week, as always we'll all head into the weekend with a moment of Pure Black Joy. Let's do it to it!

Hosts: Lee Bynum, Rocky Jones, Paige Reynolds

Producer: Rocky Jones


Daunte Wright - 01:10

Them and the Banality of Black Trauma in Art - 29:51

PB&J: Uplifting the Southern Black Girls and Women's Consortium - 1:02:31


Donate to the Daunte Wright Sr. Memorial Fund

Support Daunte's son by sending direct help to his mother, Chyna

Check here for updates on how to help Brooklyn Center protesters and residents

"Don’t Call African-American Theatre Black Theatre: It’s Like Calling a Dog a Cat" by Dominic Taylor

The Southern Black Girls and Women’s Consortium

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