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How Andy Crestodina Manages His Team After Hiring an Internet Troll by Mistake
24th October 2022 • Build Your Team • Atiba de Souza
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Hiring is risky. Hiring is expensive. Hiring is time-consuming. How to avoid hiring a toxic employee? How would you determine if a candidate is a great fit for a position?

Yes! Hiring is a risky proposition. You never know if the person you’re hiring is going to be a good fit for the job, or if they’re going to end up being a liability. Hiring is also expensive - you have to pay for advertising, background checks, and sometimes even training. And it can be time-consuming, especially if you have to weed through a bunch of applications. All of these factors make hiring a very stressful process. Unfortunately, there are also times when things can go wrong, even if you’ve done everything right.

In this video, Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media shares his horrific experience of how he unknowingly hired an internet troll to help with his business. He will also share what he learned from that experience and how he managed his teams.


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