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Creating a Vision of Life in Business with Michala Leyland
Episode 43313th January 2022 • Financial and Lifestyle Freedom for UK Business Owners • Annette Ferguson
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What a wonderful way to start the year and to have the lovely Performance and Mindset coach, Michala Leyland with us.  Michala specializes in energy management, performance coaching and training to ensure productivity, profitability and the avoidance of burnout, especially for purpose-driven women.  

You will be gathering precious nuggets of insights on how to create a vision that will propel you to create your dream life, whether on a personal or business level. Michala’s concept of vision is something that is actionable, not necessarily perfect but has that energetic focus of what is important in your life. 

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • Introduction of the guest in this Facebook Live session, Michala Leyland  
  • Why is it important to make vision as your starting point? 
  • Annette's personal experience in pretending or not showing that she has a life.
  • The unconscious bias and/or mental conditioning that suggests women are not more focused on carrying the load of a higher position.
  • Strategies that you can do to hold on to your vision during trying times and not letting yourself be railroaded?
  • Michala’s recommendation on how to create a Vision-In-Action Board, how much of it are material or experiential?
  • The five sage powers that can help you access positive energy.
  • How often do we update our Vision-In-Action boards?


Be Clear and rise Vision-In-Action Board Workshop January 14, 2022

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