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Episode 239: Tools to Magnify our Worthiness: Interview Chris Hawker
Episode 23922nd February 2023 • Love Your Story: Stories and discussions about personal growth, mindset and living with intention • Lori Lee
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Episode 239: Tools to Magnify our Worthiness: Interview Chris Hawker

Am I worthy of love? Am I worthy of good things? Am I worthy of success?

I have a couple family members who have recently discussed with me feelings of unworthiness because of religious or cultural messages. It’s come up as a topic in multiple groups recently, so it’s been on my radar.

So, when Chris Hawker, co-founder of Next level Trainings, recently was featured on the Spirit River Coaching Summit speaking on “Are you worthy enough to love yourself - tools to magnify worthiness and move you forward,” I reached out to him right away to see if he’d talk to us about this universal struggle. The struggle to feel we are worthy of all the good stuff.

Tune in for our talk about how to embrace our worthiness and the tools to help us do that. 

I believe in light and in darkness, I believe in good and in evil. I believe in these things because I’ve experienced what it’s like to sit in love and light, and I’ve experienced what it’s like to feel fear and shame and the hell it brings. I believe in God and light and love, and I believe in Satan, who seeks to keep us small and miserable, filled with self-loathing and self rejection. As I have watched people, done interviews, read transformational biographical stories of the human struggle, and taken note of our predominant struggles as humankind, I have come to the conclusion that feeling unworthy is one of the greatest tool that separates us from light and love. Feelings of self loathing and self doubt are amplified by our natural negativity bias, the devil on our shoulder seems to always be ready to cut us to the quick, ready to make us doubt ourselves and our worthiness for good things, for love, for success. Basic life struggles are instantly met with the idea that we are not enough.

The reason this tool is so powerful in stopping us, is that when we buy into the belief that we are unworthy we will play small. We will not share our talents with the world, which rips everyone off - us and the world. We slink in the shadows, living well below what we are capable. I suspect one of the biggest battles we will ever engage in during our lives is the fight, within our own minds, to accept our brilliance, our worthiness, our potential, and our beauty as humans. 

This is why I’m so pleased today to talk with Chris Hawker about tools for magnifying our worthiness so we can move forward in big and fabulous ways. 

Let me introduce him - Chris Hawker is a transformational leadership trainer, inventor and professional speaker. He has trained teams at organizations like Duracell and McDonald’s. He coaches leaders in living vision-driven lives. His award-winning inventions have received 40 patents, and his work has been featured in USA Today, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. He is co-founder of Next Level Trainings, which has trained thousands of individuals, raising over $4M in charitable donations. He resides in Columbus, OH, with his wife, son and dog

Tune into the audio program to hear our discussion about things like:

  1. Let’s start out with your story - what has been your path to a full acceptance of your self worth?
  2. What is self worth?
  3. Where does it come from?
  4. Why does doing the work to shed the unworthy feelings we have matter?
  5. How do you coach people as they work on reclaiming a deep sense of self worth? What do we do to get self worth?
  6. I’d like to get your thoughts on a couple of quotes - one you are familiar with and one is a surprise - 

First one:

Roy T. Bennett said, “If you want to fly, you have to give up what weights you down” 

Second one:

Maya Angelou said, “I learned a long time ago, the wisest thing I can do is be on my own side.”

To contact Chris:

In my heart-of-hearts I feel a deep sadness at how we all, me included, sell ourselves short. I think we live well below our possibilities and privileges, and I hope in some small way this episode today can start to shift that a little for everyone who hears it.

We are so worthy of really good things - we are souls with so much potential, and at the end of our lives wouldn’t that be the safest part, to look back and realize what we could have done, created, experienced, felt if only we had unstop our own light and possibility.

Your challenge this week is to think some something you feel unworthy of. Choose something that Chris has said today and actively start healing that erroneous thought. Sometimes those feelings of unworthiness are easily untethered - seek in meditation or prayer what your path is to healing them. The path and need is different for everyone, but this is a call to start accepting your worthiness. Do the work to embrace that. 

Thanks for being here today, and thanks to all who are leaving reviews.

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Uplifting & Real

The stories shared here and the perspectives of owning our own story is so powerful. Thank you Lori for creating a beautiful platform where we can all learn to embrace the ups and downs of our own stories with grace and gratitude.



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