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Creator's Corner - Rachel Sanrelus - Casa de Colores
Episode 105th October 2022 • Roll For Intent • Roman Neville Productions
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Roll For Intent

Creator's Corner - Rachel Sanrelus - Casa de Colores



With Special Guest

Rachel Sanrelus

Rachel plays Grubbie on Street Legal, a Shadowrun LivePlay stream every Monday night on the Full Round Action Gaming Twitch channel. She's the moderator for the Dice Populi Podcast Discord, and her latest endeavor is herding a score of cats to raise money for Casa de Colores, a charity serving transgender refugees arriving from Central and South America.

@dreamyrai on Twitter

@dreamyrai on Instagram

Casa de Colores

This is a segment where we talk about all things Paizoverse! We discuss old, new, and upcoming first party and third party published content with an eye towards integrating it in your own games!

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Trevor Payne

The Magnanimous Game Master

Christian Chaney

The "Rules Lawyer" - Beast Foundry



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Creators Corner is Moving!

Starting November 2, 2022, no new episodes of Creators Corner will be released on the main Roll for Intent podcast feed. Now, that doesn't mean they are going away forever - the first few episodes will remain here forever, just to let people know that cool things are afoot on our other feed. We'll also likely do simultaneous releases of Paizo Content on both feeds. Now - if you want that new feed action - you can search for it on pretty much any podcast app, or you click the link below to add it yourself!

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