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Take Your Sales Career to the Next Level with Greg Stadjuhar
Episode 443rd November 2021 • Transformed Sales • Wesleyne
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In this episode of The Science of Selling STEM, I’ll be sitting down with Greg Stadjuhar, Senior Vice President Of Sales and Marketing at The Harloff Company which offers a full line of medical carts and storage solutions and can customize orders to meet their customers’ specific needs. Harloff medical carts have become known in the medical industry for high quality and long life, innovative and flexible design features, strong factory support, and favorable turnaround times.

Greg is a senior sales and marketing executive with a proven track record of outstanding results in developing business, developing teams, and business development opportunities, recruiting dynamic team players, rebuilding organizations, and bottom line (P&L) performance. He specializes in sales, business development, and divestitures. Greg possesses outstanding leadership capabilities while being able to motivate all aspects of a growing organization to produce a goal of liquidity event. Tune in as he shares his valuable experience and teaches us how we can perform at our best in different industries and lead sales teams to consistent success.

On Today’s Episode of the Science of Selling STEM:

  • His sales journey from when he started out to become the senior sales executive that he is today (01:37)
  • How to take your sales career to the next level (03:35)
  • Why you shouldn’t pigeonhole your sales career into one industry or product (08:00)
  • Getting up to speed transitioning from a sales position in one industry into a completely different industry (11:54)
  • Becoming a part of your client’s team instead of just being the salesperson (13:51)
  • What to do to be successful in a new sales position (17:15)
  • Effectively using storytelling in your sales process (21:46)
  • The pride of seeing the success of salespeople he trained throughout his career (26:17)
  • Developing and growing your team as a sales manager to facilitate the growth of your company (28:44)

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