How do I monetise the audience I’ve built on social media?
Episode 921st June 2021 • The Courageous CEO • Janet Murray
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How do you monetise an audience you’ve built on social media?

That’s exactly what Hannah Gibbard is wondering - having built a loyal following for her Instagram account, which provides support for women with ADHD. 

Having recently qualified as a coach, Hannah would love to launch a group coaching programme and sell it to her followers.

But having started the account as a ‘hobby’ project - how will her followers react to her selling an online programme? 

Find out in this coaching interview with ADHD specialist and Executive Function Coach Hannah Gibbard.

You’ll also discover the three key things you need to successfully launch an online course/membership programme.

Key moments

[2:22] What is ADHD and how it shows up in women 

[4:53] How Hannah grew a loyal following on Instagram - fast 

[8:08] The one question you MUST ask if you want a successful online course launch

[12:51] How to get testimonials for an online programme - if you haven’t run one before

[15:14] The importance of testing ‘smaller’ offers before launching your online course 

[17:02] Hidden danger: what can happen when you sell to an audience you’ve been serving for free

[22:07] Why you need 1-2-1 coaching experience to launch an online programme

[25:25] The Number 1 mistake people make when launching an online course/membership

[28:27] Why authority matters if you want to sell an online course/membership

[30:43] Do you need a website before you launch an online programme?

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