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Self Limiting Beliefs
16th April 2016 • The Growth Vault Podcast •
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Welcome my friends! And welcome to this Quick Talk RAW. Have you ever heard of self limiting beliefs? Well, even if you have, I'd like to share with you from my personal standpoint just how powerful the way we think about our business can be.

  Are you holding yourself back through self limiting beliefs?  

What are self limiting beliefs? [0:52]

  • From our wants and goals that already exist
  • From how we were raised
  • From our ideas of what success is

 Self-sabotage is dangerous [1:34]

  • It's normal to feel uncomfortable once you start achieving
  • Can happen without realizing it
  • Beware of complacency

Overcoming our personal limitations [3:58]

  • Self-analysis is key
  • Value your ability to create change in the world
  • Don't be afraid to celebrate

 If you get stuck, you're not alone [7:16]

  • Goliath was slayed in front of an entire nation too afraid to act
  • Be like King David and have faith in your mission
  • No one is going to save your day
  • Take massive action for yourself

  Thanks for listening! See you next time.  

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