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The Challenges With Relocation and Renovations With Petra Ahmann
Episode 927th September 2022 • Global Citizen Life Podcast • Sally Pederson
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Petra Ahmann is a freelance film producer. She grew up in the midwest of the US, but spent her entire adult life in New York City. After Trump got elected, she promised to leave the capitalistic, insane country she was born into and did. She says it was the best decision she has made in her life.

Listen to the highs and the challenges of moving, buying a car, a home, and doing home renovations.

Global Citizen Life is a boutique consulting firm where I help six and seven-figure entrepreneurs and business owners diversify their life so they can legally reduce their taxes to zero or single digits, obtain multiple citizenships and residencies, accumulate international investments, protect their assets, and make more money, all while living in a country or countries of their choice. So that they are not under the control of any one single government.


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