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FRESH Takes on the Future of Work with Ron Storn
Episode 301st June 2022 • FRESH Takes on the future of work • LLUNA
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On today’s episode of FRESH Takes On The Future Of Work, host Jess Podgajny is joined by Ron Storn, Chief People Officer at Booster. Jess and Ron share their thoughts on maintaining efficiency in company responses to climate change, exploring work post-pandemic, upskilling staff members, and how freedom and flexibility play into the future of work.

Ron is the Chief People Officer at Booster. He has over 20 years of experience leading people teams at fortune 500 companies. He talks about his career path to HR and his responsibility in his current role to maintain a cohesive culture across diverse groups of staff members. Additionally, he explains his values as a leader and his advice for practicing successful people management.

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