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Sovereign Embodiment. Reclaiming Your Power from the Dark Arts and New Age | Autumn Rose
Episode 17626th January 2023 • The Sovereign Society • Sabrina Riccio
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We all know that when we found ourselves embarking on the spiritual path, many of us got caught up in New Age teachings only to find that these teachings were only infiltrating and in fact, steering people into consciousness traps to manipulate and control. This false map of spirituality kept people in limbo and away from their true spirituality for years until they realized what was really going on and how the Darker Forces manipulated vulnerable people for control.

Luckily, we are witnessing more and more people speak up about their journey and share with others in workshops, on social media, and in conversation how they've reclaimed their power back through the art of storytelling. Now's the time for us to integrate what we've learned along the way to be part of the sol-ution.

In this episode of the Sovereign Society Podcast, Autumn Rose of Embody Jaguar, we talk all about what it means to reclaim your power from the Dark Forces and how you can begin to navigate life in your full Sovereign Embodiment.

In this episode, we discuss...

◆ The anchoring of the Golden Age

◆ 12:30 The Art of Storytelling

◆ 15:27 Reclaiming your Power Back from the Past

◆ 21:42 Embarking on the Hero's Journey

◆ 27:44 Your Words Have Power

◆ 32:00 The Art of Storytelling to be Part of the Soul-ution

◆ 33:29 How New Age hooked and trapped people onto false maps and timelines

◆ 47:45 The importance of shielding and reclaiming your power back

◆ 52:53 Finding the Courage to do the Deep Healing Work

◆ Discover Autumn Rose ◆

Autumn Rose is a Mother, Storyteller, + Women’s Embodiment Guide here to walk you back into pleasure, power, + prophecy. Being in the field of her heart is a remembrance of what it feels like to be truly loved.

Autumn’s containers are a crystal clear high-frequency prayer, where you are safe to unravel all that is not your true frequency.

The time to be laser-focused, strong + sovereign is now; come play in her world... you will emerge forever changed.




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