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Ep 73: Dr Chloe Buiting - The Jungle Doctor
Episode 7326th July 2023 • Blunt Dissection • Blunt Dissection
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Tune in to the latest episode of the Blunt Dissection Podcast, where we are honored to have the remarkable Dr. Chloe Buiting, an Australian wildlife veterinarian, conservationist, published author, and consultant for Fauna & Flora International, join us.

With an impressive background as an Official Advocate for Kensington Palace's Earthshot Prize and a member of the Science Advisory Committee at Zoos Victoria, the world's first carbon-neutral zoological facility, Dr. Chloe brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to our conversation.

Join us as we delve into Dr. Chloe's deep-rooted love for our natural world, cultivated during her childhood on the breathtaking Lord Howe Island. In this episode, she generously shares her early influences, veterinary heroes, and the transformative path that led her to become a dedicated conservation vet. Prepare to be inspired as she opens up about her book, 'The Jungle Doctor,' revealing the motivations, challenges, and profound insights behind its creation. Together, we explore the impact of conservation work and embark on a thought-provoking discussion about the effects of COVID-19 on wildlife, navigating existential crises, and more.

In the end, we unravel Dr. Chloe's relationship with Instagram and dive into a rapid-fire round of questions, getting to know the real person behind the inspiring work she does. This engaging episode is brimming with invaluable lessons and advice for the next generation of veterinarians. Don't miss out!

Outline of this episode:

• [0:48] Meet Dr. Chloe Buiting: Discover the story behind the passionate wildlife veterinarian and conservationist.

• [06:30] Early Influences on Lord Howe Island: Explore the formative experiences that shaped Chloe's love for nature and wildlife.

• [09:00] Veterinary Heroes: Learn about the people who influenced and motivated Dr. Chloe along her veterinary journey.

• [13:05] Path to Conservation Vet Work: Dive into the pivotal moments and factors that led Dr. Chloe to dedicate her career to conservation veterinary work.

• [17:07] Navigating Existential Crisis: Discover how Dr. Chloe finds her way through a challenging phase in her life.

• [20:30] Breaking Stereotypes: Explore the truth behind whether Conservation Vets have a penchant for breaking things and the deeper meaning behind their work.

• [26:18] "The Jungle Doctor" by Chloe Buiting: Gain insights into Dr. Chloe's book, including its motivation, inspirations, and the challenges she faced during its creation.

• [31:08] Balancing Act: Explore how Dr. Chloe manages the mental challenges of her work and maintains her well-being in a demanding environment.

• [34:31] Motherhood and Purpose: Learn how becoming a mother has influenced Dr. Chloe's purpose and perspective in her conservation efforts.

• [36:25] The State of Affairs: Get an update on Dr. Chloe's current endeavors and how things are shaping up in her professional journey.

• [38:16] Stories, Learnings, and Highlights: Delve into the captivating anecdotes, valuable lessons, and standout moments from Dr. Chloe's career.

• [42:31] Impact of Conservation Work: Discover the significant impacts that conservation efforts have made so far, including achievements and ongoing challenges.

• [50:56] COVID's Wildlife Impact: Explore the effects of the global pandemic on wildlife populations, particularly primates, and the importance of addressing these challenges.

• [55:44] Advice for Future Vets: Listen to Dr. Chloe's insightful advice and words of wisdom for the next generation of veterinarians.

• [1:01:22] The Power of Networking and Mentoring: Understand the value of building connections and finding mentors within the veterinary profession.

• [1:08:06] Loop Abroad Engagements: Learn about Dr. Chloe's involvement and experiences with the Loop Abroad program, facilitating international study abroad programs for aspiring wildlife medicine and conservation professionals.

• [1:14:43] Instagram and Conservation: Gain insights into Dr. Chloe's relationship with Instagram and how she utilizes the platform to advance conservation efforts.

• [1:16:36] Rapid Fire with Dr. Chloe Buiting: Engage in a rapid-fire round of questions, offering a glimpse into Dr. Chloe's personality and perspectives.

Resources Mentioned:

The Jungle Doctor by Chloe Buiting

Modern-day wildlife conservation TEDTalk by Nick Bubb

Zoobiguity by Barbara Natterson-Horowitz & Kathryn Bowers

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Loop Abroad

Fauna & Flora International

Connect with Dr. Chloe Buiting: