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Embodying Entrepreneurship: Essential Traits for Success
Episode 32nd April 2024 • Real World Entrepreneurship • Alan Clarke
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In this enlightening episode of "Real World Entrepreneurship," we've brought together two trailblazers in the business world - Alan Clarke and Bhairav Patel - to distil the essence of what it truly means to be an early stage entrepreneur. Our conversation delves into the vital traits that define successful entrepreneurs and we discuss in detail the finesse required in honing the art of hustling.

We explore the importance of productivity fused with purpose, the need to step out of comfort zones, and the critical role of the visionary in propelling the venture forward. With their combined wealth of experience and knowledge, Alan and Bhairav examine the vital aspects of risk management in entrepreneurship, including the importance of anticipation and preparation in ensuring the stability of the startup.




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