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BONUS: Strategies for Helping Kids from Rose Metivier, LCPC
Bonus Episode3rd November 2022 • Your Doctor Friends • Dr. Jeremy Alland and Dr. Julie Bruene
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BONUS EPISODE! Our favorite mental health expert, Rose Metivier, LCPC gives us quick-bite strategies for reaching out to young people regarding their mental and emotional well-being.

Rose outlines digestible, actionable strategies that we can employ to create a safe environment for the young folks in our lives.

The kids can be all right. They just need our help :)

Rose recommends these sources to learn more about mental health:

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

NAMI Chicago

Chicago mental health resources for kids via WBEZ

No Going Back to Normal- Harvard Magazine

Tackling the Mental Health Crisis in Young People- Nature

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