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Robert Kennedy - 5 tips to becoming better on camera
Episode 4117th February 2022 • What's My Story • Robert Kennedy III
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How do you make sure that your audience connects with you, engages with you, especially when you're on camera?

What if you're just somebody who is  just a business person who wants to connect with the audience, what do you do in that case? Well, let's talk about it. Lets go!

What's In Store For You

Robert shares five things you can do to become better on camera and why doing that is important.

  • [04:20] Robert shares his first experience in launching a podcast.
  • [08:30] On Camera Tip #1 - Before hitting the record button, focus on your energy and get your energy up
  • [12:09] How can you increase your energy level before going live on camera?
  • [13:00] On Camera Tip #2 - Be clear about where you want to end up. Be clear of your land spot. Be clear about the point you want to make and make sure you have a point that you can encapsulate in a sentence.
  • [15:30] On Camera Tip #3 - Use a framework to structure your information.
  • [17:58] On Camera Tip #4 - Speak in Sound Bites
  • [22:40] On Camera Tip #5 - Smile.


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