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LeftFoot - Fresh Conversations on the Business of Law - Nicole Giantonio 4th August 2016
26: Curious and Caring with author Karen Kahn
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26: Curious and Caring with author Karen Kahn

– Focus Your Time, Effort and Interest –

Nicole chats with Karen Kahn – Psychologist, Strategic Coach to Lawyers, and author of Daunting to Doable:  You can make it rain!

In exploratory conversations find the questions that feel good to you:  What occupies your time?  How did you get into that?

Comfortably use personal relationships for business by not selling:  Offer to assist.  Be aware, curious and helpful.

Growth strategy:  Pick an area that you’re interested in.  Become the best in the business.  Find a group that represents potential clients, can pay your rates and ‘gathers’.  Then participate.

A ‘simple’ Business Development Model:  what is your definition of success; who will help you get there; how will I develop sustained valuable relationships with that produce business.

Last Word:  You may be fascinated by ‘the work’, business is about ‘bringing in money’.