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How to Drink Sake with Seafood with Satomi Dosseur, Sake Sommelier
Episode 13312th November 2019 • Lush Life • Susan L. Schwartz
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Convincing people to enjoy a glass of sake while tucking into a pepperoni pizza is going to be a tough job. Our guest today is ready to take on that challenge.

I’m Susan Schwartz, your drinking companion, and this is Lush Life Podcast, every week we are inspired to live life one cocktail at a time by the best in the industry. 

I lured Sake Sommelier Satomi Dosseur away from an event we were both attending to give me the lowdown on the liquid that was front and center that evening. The event was being thrown by the Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center to explore how Sake & Seafood were the perfect match. 

After a lifetime of not knowing anything about this most ancient of spirits, I certainly know a lot more now after our chat. Did you know that...well, I’ll let Satomi tell you, 

Our cocktail of the week is Sake Martini:


  • 30ml Gin or Vodka
  • 30ml Sake
  • Sliced cucumber or olives for garnish 


Chill your Martini Glass. Add all the ingredients to a mixing glass with ice. Stir and then strain into the Martini Glass. Garnish with a cucumber slice or olive.

You can find this recipe, more Martini recipes and all the cocktails of the week at, where you’ll also find all the ingredients in our shop

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Always remember the wise words of Oscar Wilde, “All things in moderation, including moderation,” and always drink responsibly!


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