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Tuning Out the Noise: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World
Episode 16226th September 2023 • Finding the NEXTLevel • Ken Eash
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In this thought-provoking episode, I delve into the topic of noise that engulfs our society today. While many may dismiss certain things, like Switchfoot's music, as mere noise, I personally find solace in their melodies. Nevertheless, the central issue at hand is the overwhelming amount of noise that surrounds us. From the incessant stream of news and weather updates to the influence of social media and the constant scrolling, it can feel as though we are immersed in a never-ending cacophony. At times, I even question whether my own podcast merely contributes to this collective noise or if it serves a more significant purpose.

If you find yourself suffocating under the weight of this noise, if you struggle to find moments of tranquility or repose, if your mind is consumed by stress and you are constantly racing against time, then I implore you to silence this noise. Your well-being takes precedence over the number of listeners my podcast obtains. I do not want this podcast to be another source of noise in your life. Instead, I want you to reflect on the various sources of noise that surround you - the websites you frequent, the social media groups you engage with - and consider eliminating certain forms of noise, even if it means excluding my podcast. I wholeheartedly support that decision. Instead, redirect your focus towards embracing a calmer, more purposeful existence.