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Elon Walks Away From Twitter & Protect Your Home When You’re On Vacation | TF309
Episode 30919th July 2022 • The Feed with Amber Mac & Michael B • AmberMac Media
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We talk to Vanessa Ford, COO of Kukua, the team that is behind Super Sema, which is the first African animated superhero series that combines fun, adventure and learning to get kids excited about STEAM. Plus, helping farmers make more food using less energy is the goal of FYTO. The founder and CEO, Jason Prapas, joins us to share how they are unlocking sustainable agriculture with aquatic plants. Also, travel expert, Johnny Jet, stops by with travel tips, including how to protect your home while you're on vacation. In Socially Speaking, we discuss the "when I text you" meme and what it actually means.

Links to this week's stories and discussion:

  • [08:33] Vanessa Ford:
  • [16:42] Apptastic
  • [25:44]Jason Prapas:
  • [33:37] Johnny Jet:
  • [42:31] What the "when I text you" meme actually means

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