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The Right Way to Speak - and When to Speech Wrong
Episode 1624th July 2021 • Virtual Summit Success • Jenn
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If you're in online business, you've probably spent a long time listening to the sound of your own voice through podcasts or live video. You probably have an itemized list of the things that you don't like about it. You want to do it right. You want to be convincing. You want to keep your listener's attention. You want to spend less time editing your podcast and less time, by extension, listening to the sound of your own voice. You'll learn about some of the five rules that you need to follow as a public speaker - and when you need to break them.

But in order to break the rules, you need to know how to speak well. Just remember that sometimes you also need to Speech Good (aka speak 'wrong') in order to maintain an authentic, human connection with your audience and get your point across most effectively.

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