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The No Head-Trash Nation - Greg Yates EPISODE 69, 22nd May 2020
EP 69 | Beyond our Paper Thin Plans
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EP 69 | Beyond our Paper Thin Plans

Beyond our Paper-Thin Plans

There’s a confusing comfort when we’re busy. It’s as if there is a magic in the motion that blocks the bobbing vulnerability of staying in one place. It implies direction, clarity and mission, whether value is delivered is unknown. 

I suffer with it.

“Just tell me what to do, Lord, and I’ll do it.”

I love having a mission, knowing what I’m going to do that soothes the itching nature of knowing that I am productive. Everything else implies there’s no reason for me to hang around.

I’ve heard there are people who don’t struggle with this, but I can’t relate. I’m more comfortable with guilt and duty myself.

That’s where I am today. See, I wanted to roll out some answers and convincing arguments about what YOU should do… but the truth is, I don’t have any idea… and people who say they do… well I’ve got a lot of healthy and well developed skepticism in my 12 gage. 

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a plan, and that there aren’t some great philosophies and practical applications out there about how to work your plan… there are… and I love many of them. 

We love it when a plan becomes firm, as if it is literally in three dimensional space where we can model it like a doll house we can pretend in. Of course, most plans aren’t even three dimensional, they are 2D and it seems close enough, right? Like a road map we can GPS our way through. Sometimes we even add the traffic info or get the message, “Speed Trap Ahead”.  But it’s all still paper thin. 

My temptation RIGHT NOW is to figure out how to flip this on its head and give you the platitude of the day so we can both feel better about this thing we’re facing, but I can’t do that. In fact, it’s been occurring to me lately that if I could… or if I tried… it’d be another churchy answer that dissolves into the soup when you try to add it. 

I’m not doing that.

So, why did you listen or read this so far? Are you going to be disappointed, like the investment of the past three minutes has been lost and you’re annoyed I didn’t come through? Maybe.

But here’s what I know for sure, and you might not like it. Like one of those books or movies when you realize the ending isn’t going to be happily ever after and you’re pissed. … maybe I won’t go that far.

Life is full of love, loss and lies. I just finished a love story about it and I still cry in the editing process because it’s almost too real. When it comes down to it, there are only three things that will remain, that’s what the bible tells us and if you’ve been through some brokenness of your own like I have, you know it’s like facing the brutal truth. 

In the end, these three things remain. Faith… Hope… and Love…  and the greatest of these is love. 

If you’re clinging to that 3 step plan where you make all the right decisions about the one thing, profit or the perfect plans for your year, keep reading and planning but they’re not going to be the things that endure.

The catalyst for success – beyond the frenzy and busy we crave – is waiting for us right there. I’m not saying it’s easy or simple and I have no idea what it means for me today, much less you…

What I know is that the desires of my heart aren’t held in strategic plans alone. They happen when the big three – faith, hope and love – show up in the language and priorities of my life.

No, it’s not a bullet you can put in your gun, but we’ve both got plenty of those already.

So, while I’m trying to decide what the most productive thing is that I can do today, I’m picturing all the documents piled in my dropbox and asking God to use my brokenness… and connect me to a future that’s completely defined by the big three.

I hope that future includes you.