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Finding Fitness in Motherhood: Insights from Fit Pregnancy Coach Kim Perry
Episode 771st August 2023 • Momma Has Goals • Kelsey Smith
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I can't wait to introduce you to our incredible guest, Kim Perry. This is an episode you don't want to miss as we explore the fascinating world of fitness and motherhood. Kim's not only an energetic mom of three, but she's also a renowned fit pregnancy coach. Kim is all about helping new and expecting moms stay fit during and after pregnancy with her specially designed at-home workouts.

While she's always had a passion for fitness, when Kim was expecting her second child, she decided to take things to the next level and obtained her prenatal and postnatal fitness specialty certification. She created her own quick and effective workouts and let me tell you, they're awesome! But what really sets Kim apart is her down-to-earth approach to motherhood. She's not afraid to show the real side of being a mom, the one that's not always picture-perfect.

Kim is an absolute gem, and I'm grateful she's here with us today. We're about to embark on a journey that will inspire you to achieve your fitness goals while embracing the beautiful chaos of motherhood. I can't wait to share this amazing conversation with you.

What you'll hear in this episode:

[0:00] What does it mean to be fit? How do you find your level of fitness alongside motherhood?

[7:50] Ideal Monday routine for Kim Perry.

[15:10] Getting out of the house and getting outside.

[20:25] What are some concepts or people that have helped you stay inspired?

[24:15] Getting outside and playing with the kids.

[28:15] If you’re noticing there’s no group in your area, why not host it yourself?

[32:55] Reality attracts what is put out there.

[37:05] The importance of having a positive mindset.


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Speaker 1 0:00

asn't until I got pregnant in:

Kelsey Smith 0:41

Let's reimagine mom life together. Mama house schools is your hub for relatable support and helpful resources that help you fuel yourself alongside motherhood. Your identity is bigger than moms and whatever your goals are. Together, we're making them a reality. Today I have such a special guest for you we really dig into what does it mean to be fit? And how do you find your level of fitness alongside motherhood? Whether you're already a mom, you are at the end stages of kids in your household motherhood or you're just thinking about it and getting started. Kim is an energetic mom of three and a fit pregnancy coach. She designs at home workouts for new unexpecting mamas so they can stay fit during and after pregnancy. And it all started when she was frustrated with boring pregnancy workouts and she wanted to find a fitness routine that gave her a feel good burn and a boost of energy. During her second pregnancy, Kim received her prenatal and postnatal fitness specialty certification and created her own quick and effective workouts. Now she coaches women all over the world and as featured on motherhood the News Daily, and she finds and The Guardian. I absolutely love this conversation. Kim is such a breath of fresh air in the sense of hey, here's how I do it. Here's reality. Here's what's Instagram. She also has quite the following on Instagram and shares the behind the scenes and the accountability alongside her day to day life. So definitely buckle up listen in. I cannot wait for you to get some of your own fitness inspo behind this. Kim, I am so excited to have you here. As we were talking before I clicked record. I've been so much of your content just as a mom, I feel so seen and it's so relatable. And I can just sit there and be like, yep, me too. And there anything from the kind of more emotional side where you posted something recently where you're saying like being a mom is like doing everything that matters and nothing at the same time. And then also on the flip side of just like the funniness of like how we're just having a whole new budget for snacks and everything else. So this is just a shout out to go follow Kim, if you're like, I want to know all the different levels of motherhood, you do such a good job showing that so just thank you. Thanks for being here.

Speaker 1 3:00

Thank you, I love putting out that type of content. It's just like it's fun, but also relatable.

Kelsey Smith 3:06

So we're hitting it. Yeah, so much. So more professionally, you are a fit pregnancy coach. And I would love to just start with What does fit mean to you?

Speaker 1 3:17

Ooh, that's a great question. I feel when I'm fit, I have more energy. And like just movement is easier when I am set. Because we all had those days or maybe like stretches of time where your fitness is just taking a backseat. And I don't know about you, but I have felt so sluggish, more tired. The thought of exercise just feels even harder because you're so out of it. So that I guess what it would mean to me right now is being able to move and have that like sense of freedom almost with it and then just have energy, which we all need as moms.

Kelsey Smith 3:57

Yeah, so much. And I know for me, my idea of fitness I think changes day to day and season to season where I'm like, Okay, if I did this today, I would be proud of that fitness and then maybe a week from now it means something different depending on what I have going on. So I love that you kind of speak to it's more about the feeling than what you're doing. Right.

Speaker 1 4:18

Absolutely. That's something I'm a huge company like that is the backbone of it's how you feel, not what you look like. Because I think there's so much association with like fitness industry and like looking mean in the how much you weigh in. Oh, that loss. I hate words like that, because that's not there's so much more to it. Yeah,

Kelsey Smith 4:39

I love that. So bring us up to speed. How did you get started in creating these videos and cultivating this community for moms to find their own feeling of fitness in themselves?

Speaker 1 4:50

out. And this is I'm talking:

Kelsey Smith 7:51

p because now you've impacted:

Speaker 1 8:32

Yeah, it's never too late. It's never too late to start something new. Yeah, thinking about even starting a business. Let's like I've never done anything in this industry. It's never too late. And that's why starting small like getting oil for a stroller walk two or three days a week, you can start there. And just because like we think working out, like you have this bigger idea what it's supposed to look like it literally could be dancing in the living room with your kid, or like doing a little running around in the playground in the backyard. Doing some squats. Like it doesn't have to be fancy. I always say it doesn't have to look cute. You just got to move your body and just get in the habit of having that intentional movement. At some point in your day where you're like,

Kelsey Smith 9:17

I'm going to take the next 20 minutes. I'm gonna do this little circuit, maybe you're doing a workout video, and the kids are just playing and just finding a place to put that into your routine. Because once it's in your routine, it's easier to be consistent with it. Yeah. And often I hear myself say this and women in our community. I'm already so tired. I already don't feel like I have any time. What can you speak to that actually working out sometimes can give you more energy and give you that boost that you need to get through the rest of the day.

Speaker 1 9:51

Yeah, I mean it can and this is something that I struggle with too because I can be so hard on myself but also so the opposite was the opposite of being hard to sell. So easy I sell it is like I am a full of excuses. But I've gotten to the point where it's part of my routine, like doing laundry like it doesn't ever end, you just have to do it regularly to keep up with it. Maybe it's only twice a week, every day what, however, it's going to work best for you. But yeah, a lot of us who has who has free time, show me a mom whose work, I'm looking to start some new hobbies because I've got all this time sitting around. We don't we just don't. And it's about making it a priority, which I know is not the easy answer. It's not what everyone wants to hear. But you really have to make it a priority if it's something that's important to you. And again, starting small three days a week. So reading week,

Kelsey Smith:

yeah. And so often that can come from being motivated, right? And for a long time, because I was healthy enough. I'll be honest, like, I didn't have a ton of motivation around a fitness routine. So how do you find motivation to show up on those days that even if you have created your routine, you're still just not motivated.


That's where my online community comes in. I have to have that accountability. And this is something I totally made up in my head. But I think it's partially true. I think of the person, the girl who goes on her Instagram, and it's now nine or 10am. Like, Oh, Kim didn't boaster workout this morning, she must have taken today off. Like I always think there's someone there waiting to see. And that is what motivates me. And honestly, some of those days to just the act of putting on a sports bra and sneakers is half the battle. Because once I'm dressed, I just have to press play on my workout and follow along, put on some music and start going through the motions. And once I'm moving, it's like a snowball effect, the energy grows and I feel better, I always feel better when I'm done. And even sometimes the energy is like still blocked. Like I'm still like I can, this is hard, I don't want to do it. At least I did it like I finish it. And I'm like, You know what? It's not, he's gonna be cute. But we got it done, I can check it off off my little list.

Kelsey Smith:

I love that you bring that up, because it doesn't have to be a perfect workout every time like just showing. Maybe it's a new thing. But that just showing up is enough sometimes, and you're a mom of three girls six to two. And you even have a program of working out with your kids, which sometimes that's the only way you can get it done. But we also talked about how sometimes you want your own space and doing it there. Regardless if your kids are watching you do the workout or not? How important has it been for you to take care of yourself for your girls?


Just it's crucial just for me, it's more mental even than physical. It just gives me more focus. It helps with brain fog. And it's just clarity. And like, obviously, there's chemical reactions in our bodies, right? Endorphins are being released, it's great for your hormones, you're gonna sleep better, like, it is such a Self Care Act to exercise. And yeah, I just I need to do that for myself is just as important as sleep in brushing my teeth and everything else that our doctors want us to do to take care of ourselves. Yeah.

Kelsey Smith:

You mentioned having a routine, I'd love for you to unpack that a little bit. What is that typical Monday look like in the life of Kim Perry.


Okay, I have an ideal routine. And then I have what actually happen. So my ideal routine would be a wake up before my girls do in the morning. So it could be a routine like five and sick. Maybe a little after six if I'm lucky. And then I want to start my workout as soon as possible because the girls are going to be getting up and now they usually do wake up very shortly after me but I just need that little bit of a head start to set the tone for myself because they wake me up. It's just it's so different. You're just meeting demands from the second year he hit the floor even before before that. But yeah, so I like to start with my workout. I'm trying to get them ready shortly. Like I'm wrapping up my workout. Getting them breakfast. I'll have my morning tea. If it's a school day, which I know right now it's a summer so it's not but generally it is a school day for all three of my girls because they go on Mondays and we get everybody packed up and ready. And my husband takes them to school which is like my favorite part because then I'm like I have alone time shower. And then I started checking in online. I post my workout for accountability and yeah, I usually get to work on Mondays I'll release an episode of my podcast on Mondays. And it just it varies Like the workload and then the girls basically come back from school feels like a snap of the fingers in there. And then we have our family time.

Kelsey Smith:

That's amazing.


Why on the days when I don't have or the girls don't have school don't even during the summer, but the school year when because they only go like half of the week. I really plan for that I plan for, I'm going to be a present mom. Today, I cannot get any work done. If I do though. It's like bonus. So when my oldest she's in kindergarten emotionally in first grade this year, when she's off to school, I'll have the other too. And I try to fill our days with activities. I try to get out of the house because it just make the day better. Everyone's I think we go a little crazy when we're

Kelsey Smith:

in the house all day. Yeah. And I think just like we were saying with even stroller walks for moms like getting outside moving your body, we know how that is so important for our kids, especially in I really think at any age, it doesn't stop. But for some reason we emphasize it more for younger kids. And it's just as important for us moms and adults too. I know in my postpartum season and then friends that were in that season after I was I said the two things that I think you can do that are best is Get outside even if you're just standing there out front on your front steps. So the baby carrier and take shower and wash your hair. Allow yourself to have those two things that you need to do. And you also brought up your podcast and want to make sure what we're definitely the link that below but the your glowing podcast definitely go listen in. And so you also brought up at the end of the day that you have some family time, I'd love for you to expand on that a little bit more. What does that look like? Some nights most nights?


Okay, so for us, we make dinner. I lied. My husband makes dinner every night. And we have families under the table that like we both did that growing up, that's really important to us. But even like before we sit down for dinner, we're just playing, we have a pool now, which is so nice. And the girls will just splash and play together in it until we tell them like you got to get out we got to eat, we gotta go when Yeah, and even if it's just watching a movie settling in, and then we have our bedtime routine. It's very like, routine, but at the same time, like I love it so much. And I think that's where, like we hold a lot of those memories. Isn't there like a saying about it, like, those little moments are the ones that like that make up your life. That's what you're doing every day in that making up a big part of your life. So we're putting our phones down, we're spending time with the kids. We are swimming in the pool eating yummy food and cleaning, honestly, like we do a lot of clean

Kelsey Smith:

water clean that because again, that supports you being able to show up and allow yourself to enjoy those little moments when you don't have chaos and clutter around you more than we already always have. You mentioned that your husband helps support dinner and you talk to about you making sure that you have time for your workout so that you can show up as your best self. For the mom that's listening that doesn't feel supported. How would you recommend making yourself a priority or communicating that you want to make yourself a priority and receive support from others even if it's not your partner but someone else in your life


I think that is such a key part is having that open conversation of like, I need support in this area. This is something I'm wanting to work towards or wanting to implement into my routine. And then also giving them the exact steps that you're looking for. If you leave it open ended a lot of guys honestly will be like, Oh, I always support you. What are you talking? You're like okay, well this is actually what I want you to do. I want you to hold the baby and go upstairs so I can't hear you and I'm going to be I just need to be alone in this room. You're gonna be upstairs here are three books he likes to read and then this doll be very specific. Yeah, so that's my biggest thing is like the communication Yeah, and then having a plan set up for yourself because it's really difficult when you don't have that support. And I honestly not that I mean, my husband's name is Dustin and not that he didn't support me in the beginning but he didn't always get it with my business but also with fitness. It was like something people like joked about if I ate a certain way or like he never understood like why eats a healthy meanwhile now he's on a really strict diet and he's eating healthier like me most of the time. And he works out every night every night after you put the girls to bed which I do not have the energy for that. But back in the day he was not like that. So you really putting yourself out there and asking for support and taking the steps to show that this is something you want to introduce your life might have a big impact on that person and everyone around you, because they see if they see you doing it. And you staying strong and sticking it out, even though people might be like, Oh my God, and she, you're really eating a salad with chicken instead of this pizza. That is stuff I dealt with for a long time. And now, I feel like it's so much more normalized living a healthy lifestyle. So I will support you if you need someone to support you. Let me know. Yeah.

Kelsey Smith:

And I love that you're just talking about going first, because there's so many areas in life where we don't communicate, and we don't go first. And we expect everyone else to support us know what we need. And for them to go first and for us to follow. And we don't sit there and say, oh, I want to just follow someone else. But you're almost waiting for that permission or that guidance. And that's where I think following people online, like you, allows people to see themselves in someone else, and your inner circle probably isn't going to be the most supportive, it's probably not going to be the one that's reaching their hand out and saying, Hey, here's exactly how I'm gonna workout this week. And you should come with me, who are some people and you don't have to give their names. But if there is someone specific, great, let's shout them out. What are some concepts or people that helped you stay inspired when you didn't feel like you had your close circle? rooting for you?


I mean, there's so many online between just like women, and then just people like us. And then also, Karena and Katrina from Tone Anna. Have you heard them?

Kelsey Smith:

I love them. Yeah, like they have


been around for a long time. And I remember they were the first ones that really made me feel like normal. Oh, there's people out there like me that want to want to work out and they think it's fun in because in the past, like it was like, oh, gotta work out. Gotta go to the gym. But there are these girls who were like so excited about it and made a whole community and brand around it. And I thought that was really cool. So they kept me going. And then just, there's another girl that I followed, like from the star and he was Leah Peters. And I've also watched like her journey changing girl, but from the very beginning, I just was like the way she showed up online. And she was so knowledgeable and like she just loved the Science of fitness so much. And like I learned a lot from her. Those are like just some of the names that like popped into my head when you were saying that. I

Kelsey Smith:

love that. So with young girls, you said that swimming is something that you guys do. And I know you're traveling a lot right now, what are some of your favorite activities as a family or as a couple that aren't just sitting eating and drinking some things that you guys like to do that support that healthy lifestyle? And maybe create some memories on the way?


Okay, honestly, Justin, and I feel a lot that we feel like that parents are guilty, but we don't have our kids in a sports Right. Which like I was at sports, basically from when I could walk. Yeah, I was doing dance gymnastics, tennis, softball, like everything. Yeah. And he needed to at least what like our parents could afford they put us in sports. But now here we are as parents and really, that's a huge time commitment. And we're gonna do what on Saturday morning, like all day, wow, we're just not ready to commit to that. Because once we know we're in it is for life. Like it's very, like it's not gonna stop. Actually, though, it'll be interesting to see because my oldest daughter, like I told her to pick a sport. Because their school does offer like little programs after school. And she's like, Mom, sports family. So it was like, Whoa, no, here I am like an athlete. And my husband like, was active his whole loop of like, is this. Are we going to have a kid that hates force? What do we do? What do you do signer for music lessons? I don't know. Anyways, well, we do. We get out. We're outside a lot like living in Florida definitely helps with that. I will say because when we were in Massachusetts, we were not getting as much movement in as we are now because we were snowed in. But just literally getting outside the girls love their scooters. They started riding out my youngest at 18 months was riding a scooter and they just right up and down the driveway. They play all their little games. All we have to do is kick them outside and they will just start running around. So if we take out some we do have tennis balls and rackets we have not learned how to play tennis yet but just like taking a new ball or a soccer ball. And like you said the pool we got a rope swing in the backyard, which is then really fun for the girls but also for me and Justin. It's just fun. It's like we look at it as like a playground and like moving. Doesn't have to be sports. It could just be playing those are our things And then also I do bring the girls not to gymnastics lessons, but the gymnastics place has an open gym time for toddlers. And they love it. They just aren't get to climb on everything. Isn't it crazy how kids will just love climbing on or via vehicle, my kids will climb on top of the roofs of our crowds, like please don't do that. They just need that they need to get that out of there. So gymnastics, we like to take them there, too.

Kelsey Smith:

I love that. Now, when it comes to other adults, what are some ways that you encourage other friends in your life to have positive habits? And how do you make time for each other? Again, maybe doing things a little bit differently? Is there anything? Do you go on walks or hikes with friends? Or what are some ways that you stay connected to adults while still allowing yourself to stay healthy?


This was a tricky question. Because I feel like I'm in the season of life where I'm not doing a lot of socializing with my friend like it's not happening as much as I want it to. I do like to go on walks though. So when my sister, she doesn't live too far away. But when she comes, we like to get out for a walk. If we can just the two of us. I remember walks like a heating when my mom wanted to go on a walk now. I'm obsessed, like, oh, but you go on a nice walk in your car like that is Alexandra. So yeah, I will do like walks. I started going I asked for my birthday for these, this dance studio nearby that is like going viral on Tiktok. And it's like right down the street from my house. I asked my husband like, can you give me those, like passes. So like, I've brought my friends there when they come to visit. So if I had more time and my friends were closer, we would do stuff like that, like dance class, or I'd be like, Hey, want to meet up for this free yoga. Because in Sarasota, too, there's so much free fitness. And it's all like outdoors. Yes, there's like free Zumba on Wednesdays free yoga, sunset yoga on Thursday, join the bootcamp class on Saturday mornings, there's always something to do. And as my schedule changes and grows, I will be attending more of those because it's just fun to be around people and move together.

Kelsey Smith:

I love that so much and having more of an online presence. I'm going to guess that you find a lot of those things online. But for someone that isn't as familiar with how to find those things, how would you recommend that they search? What may be in their neighborhoods or locations?


That's a great question. I feel like a lot of people have like the Facebook, neighborhood and type of groups and that'd be a great place to like ask within the community if you have a Facebook group like that. The events that I am referencing they are a lot of them are held at like community spaces. So at the mall, they do a lot of like indoor stuff at the mall, but also outdoor on this like green turf area. And I go on their website to find it and social media. Yeah, just a lot of googling. Yeah. And I feel so fortunate because there are a lot of events like, free and close by that I can go to different days or times that will meet my schedule. And then another thing is to consider might not be for everybody. But if you're noticing there's nothing in your area, why not host it yourself? Why not put it in that Facebook group like, Hey, I'm gonna go for a two mile walk or a three mile walk on Wednesday morning, if any moms want to join me, I'd love to push my stroller next to you. Yeah,

Kelsey Smith:

having that background in fitness. You didn't just go you know what, I'm gonna end up starting a business. I have all this business experience. I know exactly how to just launch my whole online platform and everything. And I'm gonna just gonna wake up tomorrow with 190 plus 1000 followers and be able to do all of this. So to the person that's listening, that's like, well, I couldn't start something like that. I wouldn't know how to do that. Or how would I even I don't have any followers. No one would come? What would you tell that person?


I would say there are people out there just like you saying, I wish there was a group. I wish I could go meet someone for a walk. There's people out there waiting for you to put that post out there or send that invite. Yeah, there are people waiting for you. And you'd be surprised. And a lot of other people are like, they might have the same thoughts of Oh, but no one would come if I did it and take that as opportunity to prove them wrong. Like I would come if you invited me and now you're gonna come because I'm inviting you in it does start small like I always say to I had to put a lot of rough drafts before I figured out what was gonna like click in it's a little cringy you can cringe at yourself, but know that the first time you put out an offer or you try to create something or get people together like I almost expect it to flop because then it'll make it easier to know that that's your rough draft. And now the next one is going to be better. You're going to have like experience of like, what could I change? What can I do differently? And it just, it's all about growth.

Kelsey Smith:

Yeah, you have to learn by doing and figure it out. And that's part of the journey. I'm sure you've had people not say nice things or have judgments, especially people you don't know with comments and whatnot. How do you manage that? Knowing that you're still a human, you're gonna have feelings, and you're gonna be like, Well, that wasn't nice, but also knowing that it's not someone to give your energy to. Yeah, honestly, I'm


really grateful. Because my community is just kind and nice and uplifting. We're all like, in this boat together. However, sometimes if my posts go viral, there will be a negative Nancy in there, or you know what it is? I feel like it's just not perceived, like, they just don't know me, and they don't, they just totally took it the wrong way. Yeah. And for that, like, it's just so easy for me to be like, Oh, they didn't get it. Like, it wasn't. That was not my intention. And I can try to explain myself. But what is it worth honestly to, though, like thinking about the person that bothered them so much, to write to respond to that? It makes me kind of sad thinking about all this is all they have, is like to troll me on social media or to like, write a rude comment, or, I don't know, there was one time now and this is another example of it. I got a message from like a social media friend, like a friend, like we were friends. And she messaged me and say, Hey, I just want to let you know that there's this like someone screenshotted your post and posted it in this private Facebook group. And they're all like hating on you. And I was like, Well, why? And I'm like, for weight. And I was like, what's the paper it was she was like, Oh, I don't want to tell you because I don't think it's best for you to go in there. And I was just like, Oh my God. But what it was the whole pokes was about like, finding your fitness, a post pregnancy and like, regaining your confidence and feeling into your new body. And they took it as like, bouncing back, which I hate that term, like getting your body back after baby. But it's supposed to be an empowering message, not like, you should look a certain way after you have a baby. And they just thought that and took that and twisted my words and toes of them basically. And I was like, okay, you know what, they can think that but it makes sense. Like if someone is frustrated or upset in a certain area of their life, and then they are using that thought as goggles and then everything they see it's all see she's saying I supposed to look like that and believable. It's hard when you have like the hater glasses on, and then everything is negative.

Kelsey Smith:

Yeah. And I think that shows up in everything, right? So if you're sitting and you're like, gosh, I just don't even have time to work out. How would I work out you're not gonna find the time because you're just telling yourself, you don't have the time. If you're saying like, Oh, gosh, I could never start a business or I could never do that. It's not gonna work for you. If you're like, I, why would I get that promotion, they're not going to promote me because of this, or I'm not going to find the right partner, any of those things, that's going to end up being your reality, where if you allow yourself to believe in the possibility you can find the time to work out, you can find a way to get that promotion, you can find the people to support you, you know, buzzwords can call that like manifestation, which there's that, but it's also just reality, attracting what you put out there. Where have you seen that come to fruition in your life?


Okay, so like one of the stories I tell myself is I don't have support, like I just, and which is not true, because my husband is very supportive. He's hands on dad and husband and definitely supports me in my business. And I think it's just It started when I had kids, and I just realized, like, oh my gosh, it's so much. Like, I felt like I could never rely on other people. If somebody's the babysitter sick or one of my kids is sick, like I always have to be there. And that's something I'm trying to navigate through. And so I don't have support. It's no, this is a season of life where my kids really need me and I am like full on mom mode right now. And I have to really step into this. And I do have support, but like we were talking about like if I keep saying I don't support everything that happens I'll see our support. Geez, you know, the babysitter canceled. I'm never supported. We're trying to make that story makes sense in all these different areas. So that is a way I am working through negative side but the non positive side I love best things. I haven't done like a specific one and actually no, okay, let me tell you. I have so many stories. Is the honestly the most recent thing I started manifesting in January. I was like, I want to work with athletic clothing lines, like I literally, as of January 2023, no clothing lines are reaching out. Nobody's sending me stuff. But typically, like I have a lot of companies will reach out. Okay, we'll try our vitamins Will you try our protein powder? Will you try and that's that. And it's just it's been crickets and like the clothing line I like, I'd love to make a partnership with clothing line. I like not my own, like, I want to just really support another brand I want to have, instead of maybe Lululemon one day, I cannot tell you how many brands started reaching out to me, just the screen June, just like a month in April, I bought myself I was like, I'm gonna treat myself. So I was like, and maybe this was like, the little nail on the head. I started ordering some clothes for myself. And then as soon as I did that, and said, I'm going to do a review of these clothes like, I'm going to take the initiative, I'm going to buy this for myself. Yeah. Don't you know, the other brands are like, Hey, can we send you a package? Hey, can we do this partnership. So one of them I'm working with now was Petula. And I have a code camp Perry, if you want to save on. It's amazing the quality of these, I don't want to call like small business or like an Instagram shop because they're bigger than that. But they're like not weigh at the Lululemon level, but they have that quality. So to LEDs like P apostrophe T L A Petula. And then Athleta reached out and they want to work with me and ala mostly. And another brand, which I cannot name because is not official, but is it's a pretty, it's pretty big deal. And just the fact that I was intentional about in the beginning of the year, and this is what I want. And I pictured I pictured what I could do for them. And I started thinking about it and their social media posts, I was liking them, and it just came to fruition. So I didn't have it in the beginning of the year. And now just it's here, it has arrived. Yeah. And the

Kelsey Smith:

layers of that right is the positive mindset behind it and knowing that you're deserving that you're worthy that it's going to come to you but to is the action right that you took the steps you bought the clothing, you started to post for a brand or whatnot. And then you also like, okay, the brands that I want to work with, I'm gonna go engage with like, I'm not expecting them to just Oh, come out of nowhere, I'm going to do the work. And I'm also going to manifest this like positively.


Yep. And reaching out to them as well. And not just like, Why is no one asking me any questions or like asking for my shipping address? No, you have to introduce yourself, tell them why they should send you stuff or work with them,

Kelsey Smith:

I should say, yeah, a partner and collaborating AI. I think everywhere that shows up, right. And that's actually kind of where we started, right? We talked about communication and showing up for yourself and communicating what you need. And that's how it's showing up in the business world to is that if you don't reach out and you don't show initiative, and you don't put yourself first whether it's working out, whether it's in your business, or anything else, you're gonna have a different result. come at you, Kim, this has been such a good conversation, and I definitely will have you back. We could talk all day, but I know talking about collaborations, when this airs, you're gonna have a big collaboration live. So I would love for you to talk a little bit about that. And any other ways that our community can connect with you and being your world. You're so smooth


with your transitions like I need to take some notes. Yes, I am doing a collaboration and this is like the first. I've never done anything like this before. So basically Sol CBD is my favorite long term partnership supplement brand. And they have CBD gummies that I take just every day for like the internal balance. I say it's yoga for my mind. It is not hallucinogenic. There's no THC, it is very much a supplement for your nervous system. I love it. And everything tastes delicious over there. And I came to them with an idea. I was like Can Can we make a play? Where can we get can parry flavor, and it is launching on August 1 to my community. So I will have to get you the link but then it'll go live to the general public on August 14, and it is Rainbow sherbert flavored.

Kelsey Smith:



I am so excited. They're delicious. They're so good.

Kelsey Smith:

They're so good. And I love that you bring up like there's no THC because definitely I am guilty of being one of those people when CBD first started gaining traction. I was like, oh, that's probably not for me totally great if you're into it at all on the above, but I was like okay, that probably isn't for me but then I learned so much more about it. How can support sleep How it can support just if you're having like a tough anxiety day, things like that. And it just allows you to calm a little bit. So definitely go check out Sol CBD Angie is also amazing. And such such a great product and everything she does, how else can moms get into your world, I know you have your three levels of working out and you have three main workout programs and videos. And then you also have this new program launching. Yes, so


I have my signature programs. So whether you are pregnant or newly postpartum, I have programs available with complete schedules that will take you through each day, what you're supposed to do, you just click right on Monday, day one didn't do the workout and it takes you through the entire thing. And then you can also check in with me in there. I'm trying to think of what else is included we got depending on which program there is nutritionists involved in the program. So you get that as well. And so full comprehensive. We're not just doing pregnancy, gentle stretches, and core, we are doing total body weights, cardio, HIIT workouts, yoga, like in the pregnancy program, but also same thing in the postpartum. And that's called ABS after baby i that is my go to, as my go to that is I'm doing that on. If you see me on my stories, I'm probably doing a workout from ABS after baby. And it takes you from those early postpartum weeks when you're just starting out with breathwork, reconnecting with your core all the way through motherhood. And then I have my VIP option. It's my membership called mom fuel. And we upload new workouts every month, I do live q&a, so we can really just hold each other accountable. Even more. I know like social media I talked about, that's where I get my accountability from I like to post in there. But that's not for everyone. So you can come to mom fuel in this safe community of moms just like you it. You don't have to be a mom, I have future moms in there as well. But you can focus your workouts and or maybe you're early in your pregnancy and you don't want anyone to know this is a safe space for you.

Kelsey Smith:

I love that support for every stage and beginners that aren't working out actively now and those looking to uplevel as well. And something I love to know is what is something you're currently working on a goal that you have or something you're excited about.


What am I I've started my podcast this year, so I am hoping to grow it even more. And it's it's just been such a fun outlet. Like I love this what we're doing right now, and it's something that I it's just fun. It's just a fun thing for me to do. And I look forward to it each week. I look forward to recording and pressing publish and hearing the feedback and just being with my audience in a different way. Amazing. So everyone, definitely go over and listen to your glowing podcast and Kim.

Kelsey Smith:

It was so great to have you here. Thank you so much for pouring into us.

Unknown Speaker:

Thank you for having me.

Kelsey Smith:

You your story and what you have to offer this world builds me up. I want to meet you join me on Instagram at this is Kelsey Smith. And let's create a ripple effect for mamas with goals together is better