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The Four Stages of Becoming Mentally Strong
Episode 166th December 2022 • Deep Resilience • Melli O'Brien
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Some of us are going through life, unaware of how negative patterns affect us. Some of us are the total opposite, breezing through, effortlessly practicing helpful mental strength skills and cultivating lasting happiness. 

All of us are somewhere on the path toward becoming mentally stronger, and all of us have the potential to reach that satisfying state of greater mental strength. 

In this episode of Mentally Stronger, I look at the four main stages we take to become mentally stronger. Plus, I share one of my favourite poems. See what emotions it evokes in you. 

Whichever stage you’re at, it’s OK. It’s all part of a journey that so many of us navigate in our own ways.  

If we keep faith and remain patient and persistent on our journey to greater mental strength, resilience, presence, empowerment, wisdom and non-reaction can become second nature.  

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