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What's Choice?
Episode 45th February 2021 • Branch 251 • 75 Podcasts
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On the 24th of February, the judges are scheduled to pass a verdict in the case of Eyad A. He could face a prison sentence if convicted, but the question is: should he be convicted at all? Because, what choice did he really have?

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Slavenka Drakulić’s book ‘They Would Never Hurt a Fly - War Criminals on Trial in The Hague

Guilty Plea of  Dražen Erdemović, Website of the United Nations Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY)

Tjitske Lingsma’s article (in its original Dutch, but do online translate, it is worth it) ‘Hoe word je een oorlogsmisdadiger? 'Weinig mensen hebben het lef om bevelen te weigeren'

ECCHR trial reports

Syria Justice and Accountability Centre's monitoring of the trial

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