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Interview with Hamburg/Berlin Based Sound Agency, WESOUND - Dr. Cornelius Ringe & Lars Ohlendorf - Part 2
Episode 6327th January 2021 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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This is the second part of my interview with Dr. Cornelius Ringe and Lars Ohlendorf. The first half of this conversation was so enlightening, especially hearing about how sound and audio branding looks in different parts of the world and the history of audio branding. In this part, we really dive into more about where audio branding came from and where it’s going!

In this second part, we discuss:

  • The best money saving tips for audio branding
  • Giving yourself time to let your own DIY attempts sink in before starting over
  • Making decisions based on your business model
  • Where audio branding is going from here
  • Podcasting’s role in audio branding
  • The requirements for different brands when it comes to audio branding
  • How Netflix’s sound logo has become synonymous with the pandemic
  • How jingles have moved to sound logos
  • Technology’s role moving into the need for more sound logos
  • Design as a function
  • The change of the approach to music in ads and filling emptiness
  • What WESOUND does
  • What ISA does
  • The criteria for awards within ISA 
  • The evolution of the ISA awards 
  • The impact of the different projects submitted for the ISA awards
  • The relationship between sound and the physical product it represents


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And you can find out more information about the Audio Branding Academy and their awards here: 


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