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Seeking Sustainability LIVE talkshow from Japan - jjwalsh / InboundAmbassador EPISODE 33, 11th June 2020
DaveInOsaka Talks Livestreaming Japan
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DaveInOsaka Talks Livestreaming Japan

DaveInOsaka is great at showing authentic Japan street views, parks, gardens, facilities, rallies, and various views of culture. He is always appreciative and respectful and his scopes and videos are engaging and friendly.

We talk about some of the more sustainable businesses and destinations he has featured from the Kyoto Hard Rock Cafe built in a remodeled traditional teahouse or the Starbucks also built inside a refurbished teahouse in Kyoto, to the Doll village in Tokushima, to Geisha performances, to the Japanese Tea farms viewed from a drone, to the capsule hotels and internet cafes, to traditional Japanese parks and gardens that can now be enjoyed without crowds. We also talk about a recent #blacklivesmatter rally he attended in Osaka.

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