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Roman Mime: It’s not what you think.
Episode 1915th March 2021 • The History Of European Theatre • Philip Rowe
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Episode 43:

The history of Roman Mime, one for the two dramatic forms that dominated theatre in the Roman Imperial period.

A word on Horace and his work The Art Of Poetry, one of the most influential works of dramatic theory. His rules for the stage and where he did and didn’t agree with Aristotle

The differences between Mime and other dramatic forms

The origins of mime in Greece ad the Greek colonies in Italy

Mime in Rome and at the Ludi festivals

The limits of textual evidence for mime

Some descriptions of mime plays and titles

Moral issues with mime because of the content relating to adultery

Mime of political satire, including stories from Tiberius, Caligula, Nero and Vespasian.

Mime as part of religious festivals

Women performers in Mime

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