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Not in My House: Don't Be a Victim of a Ruse Burglary
Episode 299th November 2022 • IAFCI Presents... The Protectors •
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Local police departments all over the country are alerting residents of a rise in "ruse burglaries."  These burglaries can occur anywhere and often end in significant losses for the unwary homeowner. On today's episode of The Protectors, Mike and Mark welcome Detective Jose Mendez of the Skokie, IL Police Department.  Detective Mendez is a 23-year veteran and is a member of the Major Crimes Task Force specializing in burglary patterns and offenders. Detective Mendez offers his expertise on the rising trend known as the ruse burglary.  He explains what it is, the different forms the ruse burglary can take, and what you need to know to protect yourself, your family, and your neighbors.  Enjoy our podcast and pass the knowledge on to others to help prevent this devastating crime.

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