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Proven Marketing Tips for High Growth Accounting Firms
Episode 10825th June 2020 • Accounting Influencers Podcast • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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Lee Frederiksen is an award-winning marketer, Visible Expert®, and business strategist who helped pioneer the field of research-driven marketing.

As the Managing Partner of Hinge, a marketing firm for the professional services industry, he draws on his Ph.D. in behavioral psychology and his CEO experience to help clients achieve high growth and profitability.

Lee’s research on marketing and business growth has made him a recognized industry name, along with the numerous books he authored on the same topics. He been quoted in a number of mainstream publications, and he regularly speaks at major industry events around the country.


  • Why marketing is a blend of research and art, particularly in the complicated market of professional services
  • How accounting is different to other professional services sectors
  • Why accountancy is one of the slowest growing professional service sectors
  • The impact of accounting compliance work being pushed down in value and relevance
  • Where the threats to the accountant's 'trusted advisor' status will come from
  • A warning for what will happen to the accountancy profession if it does not change or adapt to what is happening
  • The two distinct models of accounting firms currently in existence, and why one is becoming extinct
  • How many accounting firms are being found wanting in today's fast moving and disruptive world
  • Where most accounting firms get their leads from, and what the high growth firms source leads differently
  • Why accounting firms are lagging in growth behind other professional firms
  • The one thing professional firms are doing that are showing dynamic growth
  • The one critical factor accounting firms must offer to give value to their clients
  • Accountants know much less about their audience than they think - learn the two reasons why this is
  • What the good accounting firms have done in responding to the global pandemic
  • Where many accounting firms have fallen short in serving their clients during Covid-19
  • The dangers for accounting firms relying on traditional and not digital marketing
  • How to properly price your accounting services around value by understanding the client journey
  • Three ways you can persuade someone to change their behaviour or opinion
  • FACT: the fastest growing accounting firms put a higher value on investment in training and education
  • What a marketing or business development strategy starts with
  • Why marketing budgets should not be allocated to individual partners in accounting firms
  • The link between high growth accounting firms and profitability
  • What 'going digital' with your marketing really looks like for a growing accounting firm

When he’s not travelling to speaking engagements or working at the Hinge headquarters, you’ll find Lee pursuing his interest in hot rods or watching movies with his wife, Candace. You can reach him here...






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