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Selling Innovation, Working With Stars (Not Influencers), and His Super Bowl Ad Hack, With Ron Lynch.
Episode 14011th March 2020 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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Today Roland digs into conversation with Ron Lynch, a strategic consultant and Founder of Big Baby Agency and Bonfire Enterprises. Ron has $4 Billion in attributable Direct Response revenue. He can sell! But he also has a great story and some clear takeaways for entrepreneurs. 

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Listen Today For, 

  • The one thing he'd love entrepreneurs and marketers to know. 

"The people who can solve a real problem in the world with empathy and creativity are the ones that really succeed, and they're fulfilled while they're succeeding." Ron Lynch

• His thoughts on fame and money and the difference between recognition and fame.

• How he got noticed in Hollywood and got his start writing infomercials.

"If you do the work first… I'm a believer in the law of Traction, rather than the law of Attraction". Ron Lynch

  • The pattern for short-form media that blew up everything he worked on, including the GoPro camera.
  • The extremely efficient hack he used to get Super Bowl time for less

Questions To Assess Your Product

  1. What’s a significant problem that your product fixes.
  2. Is it a Fad or an Innovation?
  3. Does it have a protective I.P.? 
  4. Can it get better with future Iterations?

"Once you get the market place, you can get future iteration." Ron Lynch

Plus, Listen for

• A Case study on how Ron sells a product even when it's not innovative.

"If I can tie the product to your identity or your character, I know that I can sell it." Ron Lynch

• How to find your customers and work out who they are, using Facebook Ads as your primary research tool. 

"I like to push harder on what I know and let the unknowns reveal themself." Ron Lynch

• How much you need to budget for Media buying to move into Radio and T.V. and why.

• Why he always goes to the Lawyer and never goes to Agents when he wants to work with a celebrity. 

• A Case study: Working with Rob Lowe.

• Structuring Equity deals with the Stars. 

Reach out to Ron here if you are collaborative, funded, and you truly have an innovation (email on the show) you want him to help you sell! 

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