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Ep. 1 The Difference Between Sensuality, Sexuality and Intimacy
Episode 129th September 2020 • Aligned Attraction • Lee Noto
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Do you know the difference between sensuality and sexuality? Or the difference between sexuality and intimacy? Do you have trouble defining your needs in any of these areas? If any of these apply to you, this episode will surely support you. 

In this episode, I discuss the differences between sensuality, sexuality, intimacy & eroticism. These are commonly confused terms that are used interchangeably, but ARE NOT synonymous. Heck, I used to lump them all into one bucket. I’ve learned that being able to make a distinction between the concepts has allowed me to create a richer experience of life, in relationship with myself & others. I feel more fulfilled and alive than ever! 

If you want to create a deeper understanding of sexuality, intimacy and sensuality and if you want to create an even more intimate relationship with yourself, this episode is for you! Join me as we talk through all these concepts and how you can embody them for yourself, in a way that feels fully freakin’ expressed. 


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