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The Big Red Button on Your Chest with John D. Erickson - Ep. 78
Episode 783rd July 2023 • Secrets of the High Demand Coach • Scott Ritzheimer
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In this paradoxically heart-felt AND tactical episode, John D. Erickson, Owner and Co-Founder of Eden Business Concepts, LLC , shares how he helps founders and leaders navigate chaos and crisis starting first with themselves.

You will discover:

- How to figure out how your heart works

- How to lower the noise in chaos

- The first question you need to ask in any crisis

John Erickson’s career began as an engineer with the US Navy in naval aircraft development, and in the US State Department, traveling with the Secretary of State, and developing security protocols for US embassies around the world. He earned a doctorate in Practical Theology in Trinity International University. He is the author of a book Three Paths out of Paradise, which its main idea is: You will either flounder or flourish in every relationship depending on how well you know your own heart. He is now the owner and co-founder of Eden Business Concepts, a consulting company that focuses in innovating workplaces to build companies that are both smart and healthy. 

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