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393 | Waiting Tables to Building a Million Dollar Business with Alexandra Potora
Episode 39311th April 2022 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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Today’s guest will have you feeling inspired and motivated the second you hear her story. Cayla invites Alexandra Potora to Mommy Millionaire and she is the Co-founder and CEO of VREA Cosmetics, a one-of-a-kind, innovative skincare company. This conversation between Alexandra and Cayla tackles so many topics like mindset, inner child, planning, reflecting, business processes, and strengthening your willpower.

As you listen, note Alexandra’s energy as it makes a world of difference in how you show up not only for your business, but for yourself as well. How did Alexandra go from an unexpectedly failing career to building a million-dollar business? Listen to find out.

You will learn:

  • [2:34] - Showing up with confidence and ambition is because of her need to.
  • [3:45] - With the same upbringing, many people would not have the mindset Alexandra has.
  • [5:01] - Sometimes, fear and negativity come in for Alexandra. She gives herself grace.
  • [6:34] - Our inner child will show up and it is important to acknowledge her.
  • [7:53] - Alexandra explains her drive to move to the United States at 18.
  • [9:32] - In 2007, things got hard and she had to make a change.
  • [11:16] - When going through a hard time, she had to remember that everything is temporary.
  • [12:19] - How can we exercise and strengthen our willpower muscles?
  • [14:08] - Practice small decisions to exercise willpower.
  • [16:58] - What is the process of developing a product line?
  • [19:39] - With help, Alexandra learned the steps to this extensive process. Without hiring a contractor, she would have made a lot of mistakes.
  • [21:32] - Alexandra shares how she organizes her business and plans.
  • [23:10] - Get in the habit of planning and reflecting.
  • [24:46] - Do the hardest thing first. It boosts your confidence and the task is already done to move on with your day.
  • [26:18] - Where does Alexandra see VREA in 5 years?
  • [27:00] - You have to have the level of belief that it is already done.
  • [28:18] - Be aware of how you treat yourself.
  • [29:10] - There is room for you in any industry you strive to be a part of.
  • [30:58] - VREA Cosmetics was named with the help of her audience.

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