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Managing Your Mind with Lyn Penman
Episode 948th September 2022 • The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast • Ben Morton
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Lyn Penman is the UK’s leading solution-focussed mental health expert. She is a trained Psychotherapist who works with a range of corporate and professional clients, using her unique Now Step® method to achieve amazing results. Lyn also runs a successful membership group, The Female Mind Retreat, for professional women. She is an experienced speaker at corporate events, and has just published her debut book, ‘The Now Step® ‘.

In this episode we explore what we can practically do as leaders, to help us step out of the fight-or-flight mode that we often find ourselves in.

We also discussed what leaders can do to better support our people and enable them to perform at their best, why asking how they are ten times is likely to make very little difference… and so much more.

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