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Social Justice and Music W/ 14 year old Singer Songwriter Bolu Adefemi
Episode 2821st May 2021 • Vibe Selection • Kyra Mahoney
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On Episode 28 I sit down with 14 year old Bolu to discuss, her ground breaking single " Make It Right"; that has sparked much acclaim over the past year due to its message and call to action on Racism and Social Injustice. Where her passion for music started, Her thoughts on the Social Injustice within our Society and how she deals with these challenges as an up in coming Artist, Her goals for the future are as a Young Influencer of Today's Generation, and So Much More!

The Canadian Singer and Songwriter Bolu Adefemi is a force to be reckoned with; as a young influencer of the Social Injustice Movement and Music. The 14 year old Songstress who is of Zimbabwean and Nigerian Orgin; proves she is wise beyond her years and has a message for the masses with her groundbreaking International Single " Make It Right". That is a call to action song on Racism and Social Injustice that's garnered much attention for Bolu. After the song's debut Bolu was honored at the Women's Network Awards and works with Pickering city on Pilot project that is geared towards fighting Racism. Bolu's Activism has landed her 2020 Youth Excellence Ambassador and 2020 Zimbabwean Young Achiever's Award Recipient.This Young Activist Influencer is paving the way for the Next Generation with her Voice and Advocacy to fight for Justice within the world around us.

Guest: Bolu Adefemi

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