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517: Build it! — profit will come for renewable energy investors, with Quinbrook co-founder, David Scaysbrook
Episode 5178th September 2022 • SunCast • Nico Johnson
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Australian legend David Scaysbrook has nearly 30 years of experience in energy and renewable infrastructure. He and his partner, Rory Quinlan, co-founded Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners Group — one of the industry's most lauded and recognizable renewable energy fund and development platforms. 

Headquartered in London with offices on three continents, Quinbrook is an ESG-focused, "value add" investment manager focused on low carbon and renewable energy supply, storage, grid stability and related assets and businesses. And they’ve amassed one of the brightest teams and stellar track records in the marketplace, of that nobody can object. Heck, they’re building THE largest solar+battery storage project in the world!

As fund managers, David and Rory have led investment teams and portfolio companies that have invested more than $2.5 billion in upward of 200 low carbon, renewable, storage and grid support projects covering a broad spectrum of technologies since the 1990s.

Today's wide-ranging conversation traces David's path from a lawyer to a green energy champion who, as a managing partner, now leads Quinbrook's strategy and chairs its Investment Committee. 

You'll learn how an Australian landfill gas company taught David to be an entrepreneur and what sparked him to start his own renewable energy company. And you'll hear his prediction about the next significant bottleneck that threatens to hold back the renewable energy transition.

David really is one of the Titan’s of industry helping lead the Clean Energy Revolution. When we say “we’re standing on the shoulders of giants”...David and Rory are in that giant category. Hope you’ll give it a listen.

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