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Bystanders and Bullies: Understanding Workplace Dynamics with Linda R. Crockett
Episode 15614th September 2023 • Remarkable Leadership Lessons • Denise Cooper
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Have you ever wondered how to create a safer and more supportive workplace?

In this episode, Denise Cooper, our host, delves into the world of workplace psychological safety with an expert in the field. Join us as we interview Linda R. Crockett, a renowned figure in workplace psychological safety, who brings over 34 years of experience to the table.

Cooper's conversation with Linda explores various facets of workplace psychological safety. In this episode, they discuss the definition of psychological harassment to dispel misconceptions and stereotypes, recognizing risk factors and early warning signs, and the profound impact on individuals, leaders, and the overall work environment. Linda shares real stories that shed light on the human experience of those affected by workplace bullying or harassment, emphasizing the importance of trauma-informed prevention, intervention, and recovery strategies.

Linda also reveals her personal journey, recounting experiences of speaking up against workplace misconduct, facing retaliation, and ultimately enduring a severe bullying ordeal. She narrates how her mother's battle with cancer coincided with her own professional challenges, leading to her becoming a target of bullying. She details the toll it took on her physical and mental health, the exhaustion of trying to prove herself, and the toxic environment that surrounded her. Despite the adversity, Linda's story also highlights resilience and the path to recovery.

If you've been wanting to gain a comprehensive understanding of workplace psychological safety and how to create a safer work environment, this episode with Linda R. Crockett is a must-listen.


  1. How do you approach cases of workplace harassment or bullying? [14:35]
  2. How can our listeners know if they're being harassed at work?[18:19]
  3. What do you do when you know you're working in a hostile work environment? [22:31]
  4. How might a person handle workplace bullying if they weren't in a position to leave their job for one reason or another? [24:25]




Linda Crockett is the founder of an award-winning resource serving all Canadian employers and employees since 2011. She has been a pioneer, activist, advocate, and trail blazer in Canada, and today she is known as an international expert on the topic of workplace psychological harassment. She offers the only ‘one stop’ service resource – specializing in this area in Canada. Linda focuses on this topic from a holistic perspective. She believes that all parties involved need a safe, supportive, confidential, trauma informed resource, offering personal and professional experiences, with a wide range of skills to address the complex systemic issues, including the institutional layers, both internal and external, of betrayal, and very importantly, the subtle nuances of this epidemic. All parties need professionals who are accountable and liable to assist them. Linda is a trauma therapist specializing in addressing the human experience of workplace harassment, including the psychological and/or physical injuries costing our health system and taxpayers billions of dollars each year. This can be prevented. This can change. Linda provides prevention, interventions, and repair or recovery options to all industries, professions, institutions, cultures, and genders.