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Journey with Debt and Using Miller & Miller to File Bankruptcy to Get Out of Debt on October 25, 2022
Episode 129th August 2023 • The Miller Law Chronicles • Attorney James Miller
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Welcome to The Miller Law Chronicles with your host, Attorney Jamie Miller. Today we're joined by Ian Hafert who navigated through financial struggles to file a Chapter Seven bankruptcy in 2022. This episode isn't just about bankruptcy, it's a story of rejuvenation and resilience born out of life's adversities. Tune in to learn how Ian overcame debt, rebuilt his credit and regained stability in life.


Atty Jamie Miller: [:

And how it's helped him improve his credit and get back on its feet. Ian, thank you so much for joining me today. I really appreciate you taking your time and talking about your journey.

Ian Hafert: Thank you for having me.

s, we met back in the fall of:

Ian Hafert: I had been fighting with two jobs, trying to make bills work so that I could support my family. Ended up getting a divorced and it bills weren't getting any better. They started racking up further and further and I couldn't afford to continue paying them while having to try and deal with the problems personally that I had.

Atty Jamie Miller: Right, it's interesting and I appreciate you kind of talking about a little bit, kind of what brought on the need to file bankruptcy, because I talked with a lot of people and many people, you know, some people think, hey, people are filing bankruptcy because of irresponsible spending.

Miller: I know that prior to:

Atty Jamie Miller: And tell me a little bit about, you know, maybe what concerns you had about not filing bankruptcy and just trying to continue with doing what you were doing. Did you think about that? Part of it is before you contacted us.

Ian Hafert: Yes, I had been talking with my dad about it and I was telling him that I was trying to continue paying the bills and trying to work harder, some more hours, whatever I needed to do to be able to make things work for covering my daughter and trying to get out of the mess that I was in with the bills. And I had been having this conversation with him.

ut of the mess that I was in.[:

Atty Jamie Miller: Right, and yeah I appreciate that. And I know that the decision to file is a hard one, but we're grateful that you gave us the opportunity to help you. And when you came in I noticed that you had a debt from a landlord. What's that from an eviction or something like that?

Ian Hafert: Yes.

Atty Jamie Miller: Okay. And was that after you got divorced that that bill came up or during before?

Ian Hafert: That was within the timeframe.

Atty Jamie Miller: Okay. And was that landlord trying to garnish wages? Did they sue you and take a judgment against you? So you had debts and you were facing garnishment. So filing the bankruptcy was one of the ways to get that stopped. So when you came in and you filed the bankruptcy, what type of relief did you feel immediately upon the filing of the bankruptcy?

in with my daughter because [:

Ian Hafert: So I was able to start trying to get money set aside where I could. Have time with my daughter to be able to do stuff with my daughter rather than just having a phone call with her and telling her that I love her. I was able to start trying to actually get money set aside so I could get somewhere to live again. I was able to try and get better clothing so that I had something myself to wear.

Atty Jamie Miller: It is a yeah, I know this stuff is hard to talk about and some people think that, you know, just finally bankruptcy, get rid of debt and moving forward, but the finally the bankruptcy in your case also impacted your family and allowed you to help reach your goals of spending more time with your child.

ce and just get back on your [:

Ian Hafert: I am. I will be able to work with somebody I've known for about two years and have not worked with him before, but I've been friends with him for about that time. So it'll be interesting having to work alongside him.

Atty Jamie Miller: Right, and well if you weren't if you wouldn't have filed bankruptcy, you know a year ago or so where do you think you would be now? What kind of problems would you be facing?

Ian Hafert: I probably wouldn't be able to even see my daughter at this point because of having to try to do everything I could by my waking moments of trying to get out of the debt that I was in.

use that is really important [:

Atty Jamie Miller: But when faced with the options of, you know, working 70 hours a week to pay your bills or facing a garnishment bankruptcy definitely presents you know, an opportunity for people to rebuild their lives. And I know when you first came to us you know, a year and a half ago or so, your credit score was in the four hundreds and your credit score is improving. And I think you said your credit score is up in the 600s. Is that right?

en I was having these issues.[:

Atty Jamie Miller: And going through the bankruptcy process, was it embarrassing for you or did you feel like, you know, you were treated with respect, that the court treated you with respect? Did you feel you were able to maintain your dignity going through that process?

Ian Hafert: I felt like I was able to maintain it, even though I felt defeated that I needed to try and reach out for some form of an escape.

Atty Jamie Miller: And did you feel like, you know, you had hope and that there was a better day ahead.

Ian Hafert: I had definitely felt that way. It was hard to make the choice, but after it was made, I felt like I could make something of it. So there was that.

an be a burden. Did you feel [:

Ian Hafert: No, I wanted it a lot faster, but I did not get that. It took a long time.

Atty Jamie Miller: And tell me why do you think it took a little bit of time to get it filed.

Ian Hafert: Trying to get things situated between the many hours I was working and having to dig up the paperwork that I would need for everything that needed to be put in that the bills. The different people that I had owed from it was just having to reach out in every which direction to get the paperwork that was needed to say this is what needs to be gone.

ears and working with people [:

Atty Jamie Miller: And I know that one of the biggest roadblocks that people have been filing is gathering all that information. So I know it was hard between your work hours and your family hours to get that together. But ultimately, we were able to file your case in October of 2022. Get you back on your feet, get that credit moving in the right direction.

Atty Jamie Miller: Now, from our prior conversations, I know you haven't gone through our 7 Steps to 720 Credit Restoration Program. And when we're done with this call today, I'm going to make sure we get you re signed up for that, so you can get that program, because we really can get your credit score up to 720 in about 18 to 24 months after your case is filed.

ned up for that. And then we [:

Atty Jamie Miller: So I'm going to hook you up with our team also to make sure that we review your credit report with you and get anything that's unnecessarily negative on that credit report out and can you move forward? Do you have any final thoughts that you'd like to share with us at all?

Ian Hafert: No, I was just very thankful that my dad had told me to reach out to you guys so that way I can try to get out of this mess of my life and be able to move forward. I just recently turned 29 and when I was fighting with all of this debt, I was still at like mid twenties four or 25 years old. It was terrible.

, that you're starting a new [:

Atty Jamie Miller: So, Ian, thank you so much for your time. And I appreciate you.

Ian Hafert: Thank you.