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California FIRES its FRIES!: The Tragedy of Minimum Wage Activism
Episode 29115th April 2024 • Truthspresso • truthspresso
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April 1, 2024 was no April Fool's Day for many fast food workers in California. When a new law went into effect promising a $20 minimum wage for fast workers, many found themselves worse off. Slashed hours or even laid off, young people felt betrayed by pipe dream politics.

The law included a controversial carve out that benefits some food chains at the expense of others. And laws like California's updated FAST Recovery Act devastate the people they proport to help.

Is a coercive minimum wage even a Biblical concept? Especially one far above what employers and young employees would naturally agree on? The Bible strongly supports covenants and keeping one's promises. Jesus' parable of the vineyard workers explains that wage agreements are valid, and that graciously paying more is the owner's discretion. Political middlemen need not apply.

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Scriptures Referenced:

Amos 3:3

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