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The Travelers Blueprint - Bob DiMenna and Elliot Shibley 30th October 2020
TAT 003: The Future of Travel

TAT 003: The Future of Travel

On this episode of the Travel Around Table, the group discusses:

(3:45): What does the future of travel hold?  

(20:12): What are some of the things tour guides are doing to entice guests to travel safely? 

(26:35): How has COVID-19 altered your perception of the travel industry? 

(43:01): One Cuban cigar a day keeps the Spanish Flu away

(45:38): Elliot’s Hoorah Question of the day! “What advice can you give our listeners who are typically travel enthusiasts on how to plan and proceed with travel?”

Remember to check out our guests and the incredible travel information they provide!

  • Brandon Shaw (The Tour Guy): https://www.thetourguy.com/tours
  • Igor Scomparin (Tour Leader Venice): https://www.tourleaderinvenice.com/
  • Keshler Thibert (Le Cenard Tourism): http://www.lecanardtourism.com/

Thank you for listening!