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3 - Choosing Your Why and Finishing 2023 on Purpose
Episode 321st September 2023 • Choosing Happy • Heather Masters
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It's the final prep day!

Tomorrow the count down to 100 days to the end of 2023 begins in earnest. Will you be joining me in shaping the final days of 2023 to call in the success we are aiming for?

To reach the fitness goals, to complete on the things I've been putting off, to support those who find me in navigating the potential challenges 2023 still has in store?

What do you want to be reflecting positively on on New Years Day 2024 and what can you do this final quarter that will not only help shape your success in 2024 but may even help shape the future of humanity?

In this recording I reflect on my Why for this challenge and invite you to decide on yours.

You can join me for the next 100 days either in the Choosing Happy community here -

Or as an Awakened Entrepreneur here -