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The B2B Sales Podcast - Ara Escobedo & Thibaut Souyris EPISODE 25, 29th July 2020
Episode 25 – Tactical bombs, with James Buckley
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Episode 25 – Tactical bombs, with James Buckley

In this new episode, Thibaut receives James Buckley, for a spontaneous conversation on sales and sales development.

James is the Director of Sales Execution & Evolution at JBarrows Sales Training. He has been selling door-to-door for a few years, before moving to tech sales and finally joining the JBarrows Sales Training team.

In this interview, you will learn about building a personal brand on LinkedIn, what is the C+P* = S formula, and what ABM prospecting tactics can be used to land on your Ideal Customer Profile LinkedIn feed.

This episode was super tactical, we started the conversation and decided not to cut anything, as it was already extremely valuable!

You can find James on LinkedIn here.

Go check JBarrows Sales Training here.

Enjoy the show!