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12. Stop Making These 5 Mistakes On Your Store's Popups With Matt Cimino
Episode 1231st January 2023 • The eCommerce Sharehouse • Russell Steed & Emerson Hammer
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We've all know how important popups are for capturing emails and growing our customer lists, however how many of us are making them a priority? It's time to focus on your popups and grow your eCommerce business!

Matt Cimino joins us today to talk through the importance of popups and how to optimize them. He even drops a new term that I love, "positive friction", which basically means that you ask your site visitors more questions, but they have to be the right questions. Doing it in the right way can 2x your popup conversion rate (email/sms signups).

Matt has spent the past 8 years perfecting the art of popups. He began running an agency that focused on that for some large brands (we're talking house-hold name brands). While doing that his team began creating very customized solutions for these brands. They A/B tested tens of thousands of times to dial in the perfect recipe.

Two years ago Matt decided that the world needed a popup software that was built with all these optimizations and learnings already built in, not as an afterthought product on another software (ie. ESP goes POPUP). Thus was Amped was born!

Learn how important your popups are and how you can double your engagement with them on today's episode!

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