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The First Foundation of Financial Fitness
Episode 928th September 2022 • Money Mile • Justin Waller
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Now that you know the basic foundations of financial fitness, we’ll be taking a deep dive into each of them one at a time. Today we are covering the first foundation: spend less than what you earn.

In this episode, we’ll explore what this means and how you can make this seemingly simple foundation of finance work by using a spending plan. You’ll learn 10 tips to help you design your spending plan, and as with each episode, you’ll have homework to implement what you have learned. 

Are ready to share a mile with me so that you can improve your financial outlook and take one step closer to financial independence? Press play to get started.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Spend less than what you earn [1:02]
  • 10 tips for designing your spending [1:54]
  • Your homework [11:14]

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