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How EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Changed My Business [THA 325]
Episode 32526th April 2023 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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AJ Nealey, Jennifer Hulbert, and Carl Hutchinson discuss their experiences with implementing EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) in their businesses. They highlight the benefits of EOS, such as increased accountability, better communication, and improved productivity.

AJ Nealey, Nealey Auto Service, Edgewater, MD. AJ’s previous episodes HERE

Jennifer Hulbert, Service Plus Automotive, Calcium, NY. Facilitator for the Institute for Automotive Business Excellence. Carl Hutchinson, Complete Automotive, Springfield, MO. Listen to Carl’s previous episodes HERE

Show Notes:

  • Watch Video Episode HERE
  • (00:00:33 - 00:04:54) Experiences with implementing EOS in business and the benefits it has brought
  • (00:02:27 - 00:03:15) Creating a classroom page on the website with modules that can be used for team training in the EOS Classroom Modules
  • (00:04:55 - 00:05:16) The challenges of implementing EOS, including the need to change the whole mindset of how businesses are run
  • (00:05:48) The key components of EOS, including vision, people, data, issues, process, and traction in the key components of EOS
  • (00:07:18) The importance of the people component of EOS, including core values, expected behaviors, and the people analyzer tool
  • (00:10:02) The benefits of networking with other industries at the EOS conference and how it helps to sharpen their tools in the toolbox
  • (00:13:43) How EOS can be implemented on a smaller scale without the need for an implementer
  • (00:15:35) Experiences with implementing EOS in businesses and how it has led to significant growth
  • (00:18:09) The importance of identifying and addressing the five dysfunctions of a team, including trust, fear of conflict, commitment, and accountability
  • (00:24:10) The speakers discuss the relationship between the visionary and integrator roles in a business, as outlined in the book "Rocket Fuel"
  • (00:25:36) The importance of encouraging the free flow of information and ideas within a company, and how to address issues and frustrations
  • (00:27:20) The use of software, such as Traction Tools and EOS One
  • (00:28:51) The different types of meetings, including leadership and departmental meetings
  • (00:29:57) The L10 meetings
  • (00:32:10) The importance of transparency and avoiding silos in businesses
  • (00:33:43) The importance of empowering employees to make decisions and share knowledge within the organization
  • (00:34:32) The importance of creating a safe environment for employees to share their frustrations and ideas
  • (00:35:18) The concept of "rocks" or goals in EOS, and how they are used to set targets for the company and individual positions
  • (00:39:20) The importance of quarterly conversations with employees
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