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7° Uranus in Taurus
Episode 1915th January 2021 • Stars, Stones, and Stories • Ra Ma
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7° Uranus in Taurus the Ancestral Well of Ruby Consciousness

In this episode we recap the power of the Capricorn New Moon. I share about the Sabian Symbols and Starsparks and how I utilize these in my astrology practice. We discuss 7° Uranus in Taurus and other aspects of our current astrology which leads us to the Leo Full Moon. We also explore ruby medicine and culminate with an integrative healing meditative journey through the stars.


Welcome 04:38

Capricorn New Moon recap 13:35

Sabian symbols 21:33

7° Uranus in Taurus and our current astrology 28:05

Leo Full Moon 48:33

Ruby Medicine 54:00

Integrative Meditation 01:05:22

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