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Adopt Positive Expectation & Your Whole Being (& the Universe) Will Conspire To Help You Succeed
Episode 29030th December 2022 • The Grief Code • Ian Hawkins
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In this podcast, Ian discusses the power of having a positive outlook and how the laws of the universe will align to ensure your success.

  • Remember that an optimistic outlook won't guarantee you the greatest possible outcome, but it will offer you the best possible chance to avoid the worst instance.
  • Get good at being optimistic to push yourself to your limits and achieve your goals, and you'll find that your life begins to fall into place.
  • Learn to see the bright side of things in order to give yourself a greater and more favourable opportunity.

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About the Host:

Ian Hawkins is the Founder and Host of The Grief Code. Dealing with grief firsthand with the passing of his father back in 2005 planted the seed in Ian to discover what personal freedom and legacy truly are. This experience was the start of his journey to healing the unresolved and unknown grief that was negatively impacting every area of his life. Leaning into his own intuition led him to leave corporate and follow his purpose of creating connections for himself and others. 

The Grief Code is a divinely guided process that enables every living person to uncover their unresolved and unknown grief and dramatically change their lives and the lives of those they love. Thousands of people have now moved from loss to light following this exact process. 

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Are you ready, ready to release internal pain to find confidence, clarity and direction for your future, to live a life of meaning, fulfillment and contribution to trust your intuition again, but something's been holding you back, you've come to the right place. Welcome. I'm a Ian Hawkins, the host and founder of The Grief Code podcast. Together, let's heal your unresolved or unknown grief by unlocking your grief code. As you tune into each episode, you will receive insight into your own grief, how to eliminate it and what to do next. Before we start by one request, if any new insights or awareness land with you during this episode, please send me an email at info at the Ian Hawkins And let me know what you found. I know the power of this word, I love to hear the impact these conversations have. Okay, let's get into it.

As you get ready to start the new year, or if you're listening to this and the new year started, this tip is going to help the power of positive expectation. positive expectation does not guarantee results. But it gives you the absolute best opportunity. You think about it, if you're expecting the worst to happen, your whole body, your whole demeanor, your energy, how you speak tonality, everything conspires to either help or hinder. So, like I said, through that negative expectation, expect the worst. Everything that you do, how you behave, will go before you. And what do you think will happen if that's what energy you bring in? That's what expectation you'll bring in. Now, again, that doesn't guarantee that your result will be bad, but a TIA increases the chances massively. And it's the same with positive expectation. When you expect things to go well, when you expect that you will have what you need. When you expect to get the results that you desire, then your whole being conspires to make it happen. Interestingly, the whole universe tends to conspire to make that happen as well. It's amazing what falls in place, when you have that positive expectation that you can shift this feeling in an instant. You can be thinking, oh, man, how bad is life going. And then you have someone that shifts you, or you shift yourself and you start thinking I got I'm gonna be really positive here, the instant that happens. Things change, you have different reaction out of someone, you might get a nice surprise, where something comes into your world that you're like, wow, how was this? And if we go back to what we talked about earlier in the week about the reviewing and appreciation. It's identifying even the smallest things that show up with that positive expectation. So if you look at it from me, this is usually how most people will understand that easiest blue from a monetary expense position. You see, 20 cents, 20 cents, but you pick it up and you put in your pocket and go Thank you universe is showing you abundance, you may be given something for free that you weren't expecting. Thank you, what is that worth? Whatever you've been given someone offers to give you something really important, you don't decline that offer, right? Because you're doing them an injustice, you're limiting their opportunity to give to you. So being able to really tune into this power of positive expectation at all levels. It's going to allow more of this, of all the good to come through, you know, identify what's coming through, you're going to see the impact that your positive expectation has had. And you'll also have to remind yourself when things still don't go exactly as they could have. I remind yourself that I wonder how bad they could have been if I didn't have that positive expectation because nothing is guaranteed. So it's about making sure you're giving yourself the best chance. The positive expectation gives you that best chance when I first learned this there was part of me that was like I don't know, work has begun to make a difference. But the person that was sharing this message with me, I trusted, I bought into it other things that they've told me worked. So I did it. It's amazing, amazing how much better things go. And I've also been in a place since then, where the expectation was on survival or hope or Geez, you know, I can't then this is probably not going to go well, and how much it takes you into an even lower position, a less of feeling less confidence. leaves you feeling stuck. Like I said before is the instant you switch, instantly switch. shift to a more positive outlook, things will unfold for you immediately. doesn't guarantee results, but absolutely gives you the best possible chance.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of The Grief Code podcast. Thank you so much for listening. Please share it with a friend or family member that you know would benefit from hearing it too. If you are truly ready to heal your unresolved or unknown grief, let's chat. Email me at info at Ian Hawkins You can also stay connected with me by joining the Grief Code community at Ian Hawkins forward slash The Grief Code and remember, so that I can help even more people to heal. Please subscribe and leave a review on your favorite podcast platform




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