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Kathy Bowers Shares Practical Parenting Advice for Teens and Tweens
Episode 7219th June 2024 • The Fire Inside Her; Self Care for Navigating Change • Diane Schroeder
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Ever wondered how to maintain your sanity amidst the whirlwind of parenting? The latest episode of The Fire Inside Her brings host Diane Schroeder and seasoned parenting coach Kathy Bowers together to tackle some of the most pressing issues faced by modern families. Curious about how early childhood nutrition might be affecting your child's behavior? Or perhaps you’re navigating the shift from school routines to the chaos of summer break? This episode touches on all that and more, with Kathy sharing personal stories and hard-earned wisdom on maintaining grace under pressure and the importance of outside support. Join us for an enlightening conversation that’s sure to address and demystify your parenting concerns.

Kathy Bowers is a devoted parent and grandparent who has navigated the complexities of raising children of varying ages. Throughout her journey, she has faced the frustration of feeling overwhelmed and unheard as a parent. At times, she found herself repeating the same approaches without seeing improvements, leading to a household where communication and respect dwindled. Determined to create a better family environment, Kathy learned to adapt and seek new strategies, understanding the importance of evolving in her parenting methods to foster a happier, more harmonious home. Today, Kathy's experiences inspire others facing similar challenges, showing that persistence and flexibility can transform family dynamics.

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