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1112 - Effective and Impactful Paid Advertising with Creatively Disruptive's Andy Seeley
12th March 2022 • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur • Josh Elledge of
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In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO of Creatively Disruptive, Andy Seeley.

Creatively Disruptive helps businesses navigate the digital space to earn more business and revenue. They serve anything from small local businesses to larger, high-level eCommerce businesses. Their company has a lot of experience with the most difficult but also the most fun aspects of digital marketing. They have specific teams for specific niches so no matter who they work with, there are team members dedicated to their clients’ individual needs every step of the way. 

Josh and Andy also discuss how Creatively Disruptive mostly works with paid ads. He shares that they don’t do much social media marketing. This, he believes, should be kept in-house for a company. Social media messaging should be dialed in and specific to a brand’s voice and messaging at all times; in-house social media marketing is always better. 

There’s four pillars of paid advertising Creatively Disruptive utilizes and focuses on. Email marketing, Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, and they also focus on website conversion rate optimization. They’re constantly helping their clients develop their websites as well as running their paid advertising campaigns through these various channels.

Content and copy is also very important, Andy shares. What you say, he explains, makes a difference. Brands are quick to forget that their voice and messaging directly impacts the effectiveness of marketing. 

Andy and Josh also explore some common mistakes they’ve observed in the space. People tend to think paid advertising is easy. This is a misconception. There’s an entire process behind what works and doesn’t. Platforms have made it easy to spend money on ads and it’s yet become more difficult to market to consumers on these platforms over time.

Andy also discusses what solutions and specialists are for. You shouldn’t always do it yourself just because you can. You should always hire an expert to do your marketing right, in short. The biggest cost for these business owners is the lost opportunities; they often resign themselves and say ‘it doesn’t work for me’ when their DIY paid ads don’t see results. Chances are, you’ll see better results when you pay an expert to do it right for you. The second biggest issue he sees is that businesses will pair with the wrong types of agencies that say they’re effective, but aren’t really. The tell tale signs? They talk a lot about what they can do instead of asking you what you need. Good agencies ask questions about you. The other red flag is when an agency talks about their services more than their results. When a company can’t prove it can get you the end results you want, don’t trust that they can. 

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