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What Impact Will AI Have on Creatives in Marketing?
Episode 30024th January 2023 • The DigitalMarketer Podcast • Scalable Media Network
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As a digital marketer, should you worry as more AI tools become available? Would AI replace humans? How far can AI evolve? What can you do so you don't get displaced by AI? 

In today's episode of The DigitalMarketer Podcast, Mark and three digital marketing creatives–David Canington, Adrian Boysel, and Brad Ball–talk about the role of AI in marketing.

They also share their predictions and thoughts on how AI can impact the marketing industry and whether marketers will be out of jobs in the near future.

One thing is for sure: AI is a definite game changer and an equality of opportunity for those who can learn how to leverage the power of technology. 

David owns Ardent Creative, a full-service web design and digital marketing agency in Fort Worth, Texas.

Adrian is the CEO of Adrian Agency, a social impact marketing agency, and Instagraphics, the #1 platform for creatives. 

Brad is the founder of Liquis Digital, a Web Design Company and Digital Marketing Agency.

In this Episode:

00:13 Is AI going to replace marketers?

19:51 Are there possible dangers when marketers use the same AI components all at the same time?

23:28 Will the use of AI negate the need for skills?

31:40 What would be the impact of AI on marketing by the end of 2023?

Connect with the Guests:

- David Canington, Ardent Creative

- Adrian Boysel, Adrian Agency and Instagraphics -, and

- Brad Ball, Liquis Digital

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